How to Remotely Monitor Employees’ Computer Activities with ActivTrak?


It is highly important nowadays to be able to completely monitor the computers of your employees, the computer terminal these days are a gateway of so much fun and hence it becomes even more important for people higher in the hierarchy to be able to look over their employees’ computer. Today we are going to talk about a tool that shall help you to look over exactly what your employees are doing. This one is called ActivTrak and it works on networked machines. ActivTrak software allows managers to keep an eye on how their computers are actually being used. For each Windows workstation, it records statistics on application use and websites visited including document titles and URL’s.

Remotely Monitor Employees’ Computer Activities with ActivTrak

First on let us take a look at exactly how we can use this software. There are basically two steps involved in tracking a employees computer.

Step one: You, as the boss will have to create an account at the ActivTrak website.


Step Two: Next you will have to install the desktop client on your employees machines, remember the desktop client while being installed may be detected as a spyware by some Antivirus so you will have to add that as an exception.

Once installed the, desktop agent silently runs in the background, and keeps providing you with reports of recent activities regarding apps and websites being used and how much time is being spent on such activities. It also comes packed with a screen capture utility which automatically takes screenshots of running application and uploads them to your online account so that you have a proof whenever you want to talk to your employees about it.

The tool uses a unique concept to build the reports, this technology actually checks which windows are opened on your terminal by reading the caption of the active window. This is unique because the title bar shall always be having the details about the work being carried in the window; this includes the name of the document, the website, the subject of the email or other detailed information about the actual work.

What is excellent is that the application is very secure, ActivTrak is secured by network rights. Only network administrators or members of the “ActivTrak Observers” group can view ActivTrak data. So there it isguys hope you liked the review please give it is a shot and let us know of your opinions about the same in the comments section below.