Ideal career for organised people


Highly organized, detail-oriented people should put those skills to good use as there are several ideal careers in which you can succeed. Go through the list of hottest career paths for highly organized people like you.

People who have organizing personalities like they love to organize people by bringing them together for an event or overseeing a team; organize information whether it’s numbers or details; organize stuff in homes, stores or closets; etc. should prefer careers that highlight their organizational skills. Organized people very well know how to multitask, where to prioritize and when to ask for help. Certain people do better at some jobs than others so identification of your skills is necessary to open up more career options. People who keep every aspect of their lives in order should always prefer a career that gives you happiness. Let’s see here the best career options for organized people.

Ideal career for organised people

Hot careers for organized people

Event Planner:

An event planner is one who organizes an event whether big or small event from family reunions to grand opening of a new store to birthday parties to wedding. Someone is required to oversee all the information to make sure the event happens and that it is successful. The work of an event planner is that with your skills, you have to plan a happening event that people wish to be a part of, and check everyone is in the right place at the right time and keep track of details like cost, schedules, guest lists, accommodations, etc. Generally, individuals, businesses and organizations, depend on the services of event planners in order to coordinate conventions, business meetings, trade shows and private parties. An event planner has to check that the event go smoothly, like selecting locations, hiring caterers, entertainment and other vendors, etc. As well, an event planner has to be proficient in time management, communication skills, and work flexibility.


Travel Agent:

There are lots of people in the world, who loves to travel a lot, and choose a planned travel trip with accommodation & itinerary arrangements for a pleasant journey, but don’t know how to do that. And this is the work a travel agent has to do – organize trips. They have to give advice on travel, put together travel packages, explore vacation destinations and confirm arrangements. Several people are also fascinated towards a career as a travel agent due to various perks including discounts on lodging, transportation, and continuous opportunities to travel the world. To become a travel agent, you should have travelled numerous places, or know the different facts about different places, determine the skills you require, take benefit of educational opportunities and professional resources, and consider specializing in a specific type of travel such as leisure or business, or destination like Europe or Africa. As a travel agent, you often organize travel accommodations such as flights and rental cars, plus hotel stays and cruises.


The role of the manager is to plan, direct and supervise the operations and financial wellbeing of a business unit, division, department, or an operating unit within an organization. The manager or project manager is responsible for overseeing all parts of a project from beginning to completing, and leading the work of a group of people. The manager has to even manage the work systems, procedures, and policies that allow and encourage the best performance of its people and other resources within a business unit. Only the highly organized person is able to deliver the project on time, on budget and within scope. If you are able to work proficiently and ensure project runs smoothly, then manager job is best so go for this as a career.


A recruiter should be able to hire the best person available for a position, instead of the best person who applies for a job posting. As a recruiter, you should have the ability to handle recruitment process for your company. You need to organize for workforce, supervise a talent pool and other team necessities. You should have good communication skills as well as you should be good in creating and maintaining relationships, analyzing & thinking big picture, and good follow-up skills. You can make a career as a recruiter by opting as a consultant, advisor, career counselor, salesman, archaeologist, fact finder, or else.

Real Estate Agent:

Being well organized, there are so many reasons to select real estate as your career. Here, visualize working for yourself in a flexible career where you can set your own schedule with huge annual earning potential. As an agent, you need various skills – organize your day, such as showing times and locations, keep track of all of your customers contact info, and the details of your listings and the deadlines of your contracts. There are almost no limits for the expansion of your real estate business, coupled together a good attitude and solid work ethic. Much of a real estate agent’s time is used up socializing, meeting people, and creating and maintaining relationships.