How to make your own business cards?


Business cards, as the name suggests, are cards that give information about your business. They consists of basic information of a company or an individual. A typical business card includes basic information regarding the name of the company/individual, in case of an individual the name is accompanied by their position in the company, company logo, contact details including physical address, e-mail address and website, telephone and fax numbers. In the earlier times, business cards would look plain and simple with black letters written on a white background, but with the advancement of technology and the commencement of the digital technology in card printing it has paved numerous ways to design the card in a particular way one wants it to be.

Below image is perfect example of creative business  card for blogger or Internet related personality.



Refer to other business cards obtained from friends, family, relatives, other businessmen. Have a look at business card design books or make use of the various internet resources for the same. Plan out the layout and the kind of information that goes into the card. When you include your name, although not very necessary, it gives a personalized touch. This followed by the name of the organization together make the most prominent and significant piece of information in the card. Both physical and online addresses are included, but in case the business is conducted online only a website and email would be sufficient. While mentioning phone and fax numbers one must not forget to mention country and/or area codes. Use of parenthesis, hyphens, periods or other characters should be such that it is consistent throughout the format of the card. A brief tagline about the nature of the business can be included if it’s a business not so familiar or popular.  The logo of the company is its unique identity and should remain the same in all printed materials representing the company. Optionally, graphic images can be used depending on the business and if it helps in projecting important aspects of the business.
A simple method to make your business cards yourself is by using Microsoft word as follows :

  • Open a new word document.
  • Dropdown the Tools menu and choose Envelopes and Label.
  • Click Options.
  • Check the “Product Type” menu and confirm that the selection is Avery standard.
  • Choose “3612-Business Card” in the “Product number” menu and click “ok”.
  • Now click on New Document. A label template opens up with the correct margins for a business card.
  • Click on the Insert menu and choose the picture option.  Browse your files and folders for the company logo or the picture graphic you want to add on to your card.
  • Adjust the size of the picture to the desired amount.
  • Choose your desired fonts and type in all the necessary textual information onto your card namely, your name, business or company name, physical and online contact address, phone and fax numbers.
  • Copy and paste your card layout on to every space on the page.
  • Use the Print Preview option to see how your cards look.
  • After you have checked and re-checked to your satisfaction save the design of the card.
  • Place blank business card paper on your printer. Position it appropriately.
  • Press Print on the toolbar and you are all set to own your own set of business cards.

If you are unable to perform the above action you can always browse for sites that help you create professional business cards online, with your inputs, for free.

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    Thanks, this is a very nice tip. I wonder what type of paper do you usually use for your home made business cards?

  • this is a very detailed account of how to create your own business card and can be a good way to cut costs.

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