Technology Trends for Finance in 2012


2012 onwards… New Year opens the door for the ever New and Effective Finance Trends!!! Long queues for banking are almost disappearing, tiny QR codes replace the lengthy ad poster, payment counter reducing their value, less priority is noted for the financial or management advisor…… all these are reaction of upcoming Technology Trends for Finance. Saver, spender or investor??? No matter who are you, important thing is only that anyone can speed up their Finance by adapting such a revolutionized way.

Technology Trends for Finance in 2012

Finance would be considered as the base of any kind of development, so when you polish the Finance with the latest Technological Trends it may definitely bring your aspects to the surprising next level. Today, it is impossible to keep a pace with the ever growing generation by using all those usual trends; they all are good but unable to meet the current expectations. Pay your utility bills and buy your favorite Meal conveniently from the palm of your hand; manage all your finance activities from one convenient place, add more fame and glory to your business using QR codes and get a wide network for the business across the globe. Being a part of social commerce is mirror image of the new finance destinations and technologies based on hi-tech models or services.

All these might be just imaginations in the past decade but now they are going to astonish every one with their incredible contribution in taking the Finance World to the next level. Some of them are web-based services while many take the advantage of the rise of smartphones, which are familiar by most of the people on the globe. Next coming days may introduce you with outstanding finance technologies like Mobile money, new money management tools, geo-location technology along with QR codes to encourage customers, effective social networking to interact with customers and know their likes and dislikes about products, businesses and services.


Mobile money

Mobile not bound to the calling or entertainment purpose only, today Mobile money technologies has changed the whole panorama of the mobile usage. New applications and ever improving production of phones have made mobile more-responsive. Google Wallet and MasterCard PayPass are two examples of mobile money.

Announcement of Google Wallet – an Android application offered by Google – promises users to turn their mobile phone into their wallet. With this, users can shop and pay for goods and services at physical Stores by making use of NFC technology integrated mobile phone. No need to carry a multiplicity of physical cards along with you. Google Wallet can do this on behalf of you, as it allows users to store their credit card, prepaid cash card, offers, coupons, and loyalty cards information in a virtual wallet (via app) and transmitting the information to the checkout stand to make the transactions. Google Wallet is expected to roll out for NFC enabled Android phones and platforms sometime in 2012 so that payments can be done fast and convenient by simply tapping or swiping your smartphones at checkout.

Online money management tools or sites

Disorganization of anything can lead you towards the unexpected failure, so proper management is essential at the each stage of the activity. When it comes to money, no one wants to take a risk at all. Nothing about to worry if you do not have any skill of management, recent online money management tools make you independent from expensive fees of financial advisor in any of your complexity.

There are many free web-based personal financial management services which have been accessed at the comfort of your office or house. Here, you can make budgets and goals for saving increments as well as effective dropping of expense, for example enter saving of $1000. Moreover, these tools help connect all your checking, savings, loans, and credit card accounts at one place, so you can see all your finances anytime, anywhere.

Balance your expense as these tools automatically categorize and chart your spending to show you where you spend and how much. If you move your money towards saving then expense will be controlled automatically, considering this, online management tools or sites offers you excellent guidance regarding ways to save. Few of them also suggests you the investments with better rates to special offers.

They help in recommending the way to know where you can cut back and customize your plan for budgets that fit you. Thus, users can see what’s happening with all their accounts at any moment of the day as well as get the entire picture of their finance using such dynamic tools of upcoming generations and handle their finance through their own hands and importantly in their own way.

Don’t waste paper and time, just modernized your way with latest finance trends that enable you to see your progress online or stay up-to-date with monthly emails that help you achieve your goals faster with helpful free advice and next steps., Quicken, manageME7 are great examples of this technology, you can check out others also like ClearCheckbook, eFinPlan, IExpenseOnline, PearBudget, Mvelopes, etc.

Latest way for advertisement

The new decade will bring fresh challenges and opportunities for every retailer deals with a new, more informed consumer who shifts in new shopping habits frequently. Challenges to meet today’s market trends and consumer expectations compel merchants to use novel approaches to attract customers. Use of latest technology is a crucial focus for any brand owner and retailer seeking to stand out and develop an integrated successful marketing approach.

We will spend the next decade by becoming more geospatially aware with Geolocation technologies, it will provide efficiently process geospatial data as location-aware applications combine with smartphones. QR codes, those odd squares enable companies to offer personalized discounts and on-the-spot deals to customers willing to choose their programs. This is great example of latest technology and really a brilliant way of advertising that’s why tends to appear more and more at stores.

Financial social networking

When it comes to social terms, customers benefit comes at the center side without any partiality, it means there must be arrangement programs which help them to save money and get out of debt for the sake of good social living. is a great example of social network that empowers consumers with the socialize activities like save money, eliminate debt, invest wisely and help achieve their financial goals. is another example for the same purpose.

Whether they are small players or big players, everyone needs to transform the way of interaction with their customers. Recently, most of the organizations increase their emphasis on social media to source their talent globally, position their products and services in the well being of customers and collect intelligence from others. One thing is clear that Social technologies in the finance world make it easier to shop without navigating towards a link. Investment forums and discussion groups are now easily available at the junction of social networking that greatly improves the investment arena.

This latest trend has changed the form of finance as it is not limited to profit only but aims for other non profitable aspects or important social norms which would be effectively fulfilled in terms of financial social networking. For example, accessed for gaining fund for their artistic endeavors in a way encourage humanity. enables users to find out popular and reasonable restaurants and stores in selected cities from the list.

Almost every service provider has accepted importance of collaboration and mobility platforms for finance and wants to be a part of this multinational chain. This trend is beneficial for the shoppers too, as they get values for being a major part of that financial network and able to share outfit combinations, suggestions, preferred products, favorite brand with friends on Facebook or other social networking sites.

Thus, New Year may have the escalating technological trends, awaited from past decades…..