How to View My Schedule at Macy’s Insite Employee Connection


If you are employee of Macy and Bloomingdale, then visit, It is useful website for Macy and Bloomingdale’s shop’s employees. It provides you important information about employee’s benefits programs, paycheck, company news, Taxes, Resources and much more. Macy’s, Inc and Bloomingdale’s are largest operators and high range of luxury American department stores. Their all stores are located in all major regions of the United States.

Macy’s has designated additional regional in major city centers and operates a total of 814 U.S. stores. Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s shop offer various products including, Clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, housewares etc. Macy’s has more than 167,000 employees and Bloomingdale has 182,000 employees worldwide. Bloomingdale’s plans to open the company’s first international location in spring 2010 with apparel and home stores in Dubai Mall.

Advertisement is the official website of Macy’s & Bloomingdale’s Insite Employee Connection, which is designed for macy’s and Bloomingdale’s employees. A site is operated by Macy’s company for employee’s health benefits, retirement programs, paychecks, taxes, Assistance benefits, Scholarship Program and other benefits. It is an online community for employees to share common interest and exchange personal experience each other. The company’s employees can now get all information about the company and their benefits by login to the website.

Login to Macy’s Insite Employee Connection:

If you are Macy’s employees and want to login at the website, then go to at, click on Insite option given at the top of the website, then open a employees login page, enter 8 Digit Employee Id and Password and press Login button at macys insite login page.

Register to Macy’s Insite Employee Connection:

If you are a new user of Macy’s Insite Employee connection website, then first register your account. Registration option given at the login page, click on First time user option, enter SSN, Employee number, Birthdate, Zip Code, Mother’s Maiden Name and submit your form.

The website offers following services to the employees of Macy’s, Inc and Bloomingdale’s companies.

  • Benefits
  • Forms
  • Communications
  • Resource
  • Green Living

Online Bill Payment of Macy’s Insite Employee:

Now all employees are receiving a statement and paying online bills at the, it is partnered with CheckFree online bill payment option, it is easy to use and save your useful time with online bill payment option. If you are employee of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s company and want to pay your bill online, then go to the website and bill payment option is given in the Resources navigation, click on it then open Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s bill payment options, first login by entering your Sign in Id and Password and get following benefits:

  • Save time by paying your bill with one click.
  • Save money by eliminating postage stamps.
  • Have bills delivered to your e-mail.


  • Michelle

    How do I find schedule on Macy’s employee connection website?

  • Ellen

    when i open macys insite login page and go to my schedule, it does not display program schedule. pls help.

  • mike

    pls. email me macy’s employee health benifits.

  • Oliver Hobson

    when i go to employeeconnection and click on Insite it doe’s not open.

  • Paula

    What is the trick to actually seeing, at least my personal portion of, the department schedule? All I can get is the total hours allowed versus hours used for department.

  • Dylan

    How do I get a phone number to get help, I got locked out and can’t find a phone number to call and talk to someone.

  • Liv99

    will u get macys insite my schedule? just login on macy’s insite employee connection website n find it!!

  • Rami

    how do i view my schedule on macy’s insite employee connection website?

  • Mona

    how can i find macys insite employee connectin 2 c my w2? wann macys insite help……pls help me!

  • Kurt

    macy’s employee connection is one of d best operator of department store! me really satisfied with all d service!

  • Kim

    I am able to get into insite from my MacBook, but I do not have the same access that I had with my PC. I cannot access sales from scorecard and cannot open a schedule. What do I need to do?

  • joannefolmer

    why can’t I find the link to get my current schedule ? I am employed at the Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, CA. location, inthe womens shoe department and I can’t seem to access my up-coming schedule. I am a new hiree and am unfamiliar with the actions to find my schedule? Please help! Thank you. Joanne Folmer…[email protected]

  • sandi juhlin

    It does not allow enought time to write in your number and password. Would like a few more seconds…like maybe 10