How to use Facebook and Twitter for Education?


Education from social network!!! Can you believe this??? Yesss…. it is possible with most popular social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter. In these days, student can’t seem to go five minutes without visiting their Twitter or Facebook streams. Several sites are available on the web that offers online education facility for students. But you have a great chance to use your Facebook or Twitter account for education purpose. Convert your facebook or twitter profile in to education portal and get education on your favorite network. You can use social networking in the classroom for sharing education information and creating projects. Society changes faster compared to rules and administration, so all teachers and educators should begin altering their role and tasks in and out of the classrooms. It‘s time to ask students or hear what they think about education or education system. If you really want to know how they think and what is important to them, you can use facebook or twitter. Instead of using books and blackboards, now students are using practical spaces where they create an innovative way to interact, and in this way facebook and twitter perfectly fits their needs.

How to use Facebook and Twitter for Education?

Now-a-days, internet is growing at an unexpected rate because of technology companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter. Now, many schools and colleges are using this service like providing e-learning class. In today’s era, students mostly prefer online coaching for lessons so they use e-learning platform. At e-learning platform, teachers can upload Powerpoint slides or worksheets in Word document easily and learn their students through very effective way. There are number of advantages and downsides of e-learning. Due to the advanced technology, people can save their precious time and money and complete their tasks online much easier and more efficiently. Online learning is really easy way to study but as per many studies, schools play significant role in teaching us leadership and communication skills that cannot be learnt on the Internet.


Students are logging in to their Facebook and Twitter account more than checking emails or schools website. Just by using Facebook and Twitter account, you can create account that your students can follow, as well as share important information reminders with them rapidly. Both network permits people to upload videos, share link to documents and share other great resources; by taking a help of these features teachers can upload tutorial videos, share most important learning document link, so when students need help in completing their homework, they can visit your page and discover video tutorial you have uploaded. Just by checking your daily updates or messages, student can get extra reminder to study for a big test. If students have any question then they can send message on Facebook and tweet on Twitter. With the use of facebook and twitter, teachers can create projects easily. Creating projects on these networks require critical thinking compared to other projects. With the use of project service, students can search famous scientists or mathematicians and create their profiles.


In spite of being social networking tool primarily for young adults to communicate with their friends or co-workers, it can become an outstanding e-learning platform. Now, teachers can publish or share their slides for lessons and lots more multi-media contents by changing some of the technologies. With strong and powerful platform, application can be created by teachers for facebook that comes with better functions and features for education. Created application permits students to consult their teachers directly and solve their problems.

How to use Facebook for education?

  • If you want to use Facebook for education, then create profile as teacher/educator.
  • Create groups as per several topics like courses, subjects and working groups and/or activities. When you create courses, add at least 101 – 301 students. You can also create groups for specific tasks including research groups, working groups, teams and activities.
  • Create some rules to save your profile from hackers.
  • Encourage students to create another profile for educational purpose, if they do not want to share their “personal” profiles and don’t know how to manage privacy.
  • Create an event on facebook to share most important education related events like concerts, seminars, or simply notify an extra activities like readings, tests. Through this innovative way, you can get reviews of other people about which events are more popular among students.
  • By making questions and using forums, teachers can engage maximum students in conversation.
  • Facebook allows users to upload YouTube videos on their own profile. With this feature, share subject related and funny videos to connect with students. The uploaded video can be used for discussion by making questions and permitting your students to share their opinions.
  • It will notify users about all the activities in their groups that makes communication faster and easier. Permit your students to send private message for specific topics as well as encourage them to share their questions on the wall, so everyone can give answer.


Twitter is an outstanding resource for educators, where worldwide educators share resources and discuss educational topics. It is really simple platform for co-workers and friends. The main strength of the twitter is that one can communicate with worldwide people instantly, so it can become helpful for education. It has number of useful features for education. It is real-time two-way communication, so students and teachers can send replies or DMs to post questions. As a practice, you can create quiz application on the basis of twitter. The simple meaning of this service that teacher can send questions to students and students can also answer them through the service. But review about the twitter is not so good; many people say that it is useless and easily miss things when your feed moves along.

How to use Twitter for education?

  • Create new twitter profile for education purpose.
  • Generate lists with diverse interests, topics or students and search hash tag for every list.
  • Twitter is one of the best tools for immediate and dynamic info, so it becomes good tool for discussions and updates. Share any education links on twitter. No need to wait to see your sharing link because it appears on the site instantly.
  • Educators can permit their students to directly talk about someone to interact with and stimulate conversation and participation.
  • At this place, you can save or print your conversation for future use as well as exchange roles student or teacher.
  • Help students to connect libraries, teachers, and interesting people to follow and other students to discuss about subject, courses, etc.
  • To connect and communicate with other education related people, use Twitter as board.
  • Connect learner into games for creating stories or tales, trivia, etc.