List of informative speech topics & Sample Speech


An informative speech, as the name suggests, is a speech contained with information on a certain topic. This speech does not involve any message that you convey to the audience. It is the presentation of a detailed account of information on a certain subject that is thoroughly researched by the speaker who is also known as an informative speaker. Usually, the speaker is not given an option to choose the topic but if it is the case one must choose a topic relevant to their area of expertise because the more acquainted you are with the topic the more enthusiasm and energy is seen while delivering the speech.

Following are the list of a selective bunch of informative speech topics:

  1. Hybrid: Cars, Vegetables, Animals
  2. The Reality Show Phenomenon
  3. The Origin of Alphabets
  4. How Nuclear Power works?
  5. This History of Comic Books
  6. Tips for driving on winter days
  7. The Principals of Leave No Trace Campaign
  8. How to deal with a Jet lag?
  9. Health requirements for visiting countries in the tropics.
  10. How to pick a bottle of fine wine?
  11. How to read a map?
  12. How does DNA fingerprinting work?
  13. The Seven Wonders of the World
  14. UFO’s
  15. Paranormal activity: The secrets behind it
  16. Evolution of video games
  17. Psychology of a serial killer
  18. Tips for the perfect job interview
  19. A report on the various religions practiced in the world
  20. The history of greyhound dogs
  21. Women in the military
  22. Medicinal marijuana
  23. Genetically Modified crops
  24. Nanotechnology and its applications
  25. An account on internet crimes
  26. Dream meanings
  27. Biofuel
  28. Advances in Animation
  29. Truth behind existence of Ghosts
  30. Genetic Diseases
  31. Global Warming
  32. Artificial Insemination

Here is a sample of one such informative speech:

10 easy yoga poses:

Yoga is the form of exercise that goes beyond the physical boundaries and enhances the unison of the body, the mind and the soul. Yogis believe that the body and the mind are one and with the right kind of yoga one can experience harmony between the two and their gradual process of healing. These exercises are considered to have therapeutic effects it is the best way to relax the body even under the most stressful conditions. The main reasons why the common man chooses to practice this divine form of exercise is to explore inner peace, be more energetic and happier and feel ecstatic and fitter.

Following are 10 easy and quintessential yoga poses:

  1. Kundalini Yoga Butterfly Pose:

Sit in a butterfly pose with your heels touching the ground the rest of the leg lifted halfway up in the air, your hands holding your feet wrapped around your legs.

Duration: 2-3 minutes

  1. Kundalini yoga Cat-Cow Pose:

Inhale in a cow pose and exhale in a cat pose.

Duration: 1-3 mins

  1. Yoga Cobra Pose:

It’s a basic pose where in 3/4th of your body is touching the ground facing the tummy down and your head is lifted high with the support of your arms held strongly on the ground.

Duration: 1-3 mins

  1. Yoga Baby Pose:

Kneeling on the ground and seated on the back of your foot you take your head forward and touch the ground in front of your knees and stretch the hands behind.

Durations: Open

  1. Yoga Pose for Balance:

Horizontally balancing your body in the air so that it is parallel to the ground with one hand holding the ground for support and the other hand outstretched. A knee can also be used for support.

Duration: 1-2 mins

  1. Forward Bending Yoga asana:

Sitting at a right angle with the ground with stretched legs in the front and bending completely forward to touch the legs in the space between your thighs with hands reaching out the toes.

Duration: 1-3 mins

  1. Yoga Rock-n-Roll:

Lying on the back with the legs bent such that it touches the chest. The legs are folded and held surrounded by the arms. Face facing upwards.

Duration:  15 seconds – 1 min

  1. Kundalini Yoga Stretch pose:

Lying down on the ground on the back and lifting the legs partially in the air while simultaneously lifting the head up, and hold the pose for a few seconds.

Duration: 2-3 mins

  1. Kundalini Yoga Frog pose:

Place hands on the ground in the centre between the legs while legs are on a low squat. Then come forward and lift the feet from the ground a position that looks like a balanced frog stand.

Duration: 11-52 repititions

  1. Kundalini Yoga Archer pose:

It is a typical archer pose where in both the arms are stretched in opposite direction exactly the way a bow is stretched.

Duration: 1-3 mins

Regular exercising gives rise to a lot of health benefits such as stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium, decrease in pulse rate, and decrease in respiratory rate, blood pressure decreases, cardiovascular efficiency increases and numerous other such improvements in the various bodily functions.

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