Want to Learn Mandarin Chinese on Android? There is an App for that


The Mandarin Chinese is apparently one of the toughest languages in the world to learn. However, now there’s a fantastic android app called ‘Spoken Chinese Teacher’ that help people learn Mandarin Chinese language easily and quickly right on their Android device, even while on the go. Spoken Chinese Teacher is truly an ideal choice for all those who want to learn Mandarin Chinese language. Of course, there are a number of android apps out for learning Mandarin Chinese. But unfortunately majority of them simply provide vocabulary lists or flashcards. Unlike these apps, Spoken Chinese Teacher actually teaches how to pronounce most frequently used Mandarin Chinese words and phrases correctly.

Learn Mandarin Chinese with Free Android App

Key features of Spoken Chinese Teacher:

Learn Mandarin Chinese by speaking the most useful phrases: The app comes with audio files of most frequently spoken Mandarin Chinese phrases. It does include a number of phrases based on some popular topics such as Meet People, Express Feelings, Simple Words, In a Restaurant, Make Calls, and many others, which can prove really handy in your everyday life and trips. You can play these audio clips aloud, and then repeat the phrases. The app in turn will evaluate your pronunciation and give ratings and feedback accordingly. In this way, the app will help you check whether you’re pronouncing a phrase correctly or not. Besides audio, the phrases are accompanied by written characters.


Language exchange: The app also has a social feature, which allows you to chat with other members of the app’s online community. Thus, you can share your learning experience and do language exchange with people who share the same interest.

How to learn Mandarin Chinese on Android?

First of all, install Spoken Chinese Teacher app on your Android device. It’s absolutely free, and you can download it right now from here.

The best part of the app is that it is quite straightforward and easy to use. Once you download a phrase pack, just tap the phrase you’d like to learn and click the ‘Play’ button. Now, try to digest that phrase by hearing it multiple times. When you feel confident that you can now pronounce the phrase correctly, hold the green color ‘Hold and speak’ button given at the bottom and repeat the phrase. As soon as you complete the sentence, the app will evaluate and rate your pronunciation (out of five stars). Keep trying until you get five stars from app.