Kareena Kapoor Maxim Magazine (July 2009)


A gorgeous Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor graces in the new latest cover of India Maxim Magazine for month of July 2009 issue. She looks stunning and hot in the photo shoot of Maxim Magazine. She is wearing a sexy blue colored outfit. She featured second time on the cover of Maxim magazine.

Kareena Kapoor Maxim Magazine (July 2009), Kareena kappoor in blue dress in maxim india july 2009 edition


She is best known for her hit film “Khbhi Khushi Kabhi Gum”. Nowadays she has become a top actress in the Bollywood industry. She also featured in FHM magazine. Her new Shabbir Khan’s movie “Kambakkht Ishq” released on July 3, 2009 and hit on the box office. Bebo recently has agreed to be a brand ambassador for the bridal line of a Jewellery house.

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Kareena Kapoor Maxim Magazine Photos Kareena Kapoor Maxim Magazine (July 2009) Kareena appeared In the front cover of maxim's July Edition.and photo shoot photos of kareena kappoor, Kareena Kapoor Maxim magazine Photoshoot

  • neha

    She looks ugly!

  • PAri

    shE lOOK budhiI

  • ramesh

    Complete ‘TOTA’!! :)

  • pk

    she look very UGLY

  • Raghav

    she is becoming worst day by day.

  • chotu

    she looks a slut ! as she looked in the movie kambhakt ishq ….

  • none

    she might be hot cake for bollywood but she looks very bad now a days.

  • thoyibah

    she so sexy……..

  • hemant

    Yaar iske toh kuch bhi nahi hai, she has become manly

  • Niru

    Humm………BEBO is not looking something hot!!! she looks like “Budhi”? have you seen her new movie kambhakt ishq …. it is really boring like KAREENA!!

  • Niru

    Hello!!! kareena madam is really looks so gorgeous. i really like her slim figure!!!! Afteralll Safe ki Girlfriend hai…………. and in this magazine she appears a MALL….

  • Niru

    in blue short piece gown Kareena is not looking pretty. she is shameless!!! by the way her hairstyle is nice..Aap per chote kapade jachte nahi hai Bhatinda Girl ..

  • Kaju

    Kreena Kapoor……… i really love her DIL Se Yaar.. I like her naughty acting and also her Nakhare.. i also like her every movie, specially “JAB WE MET”. i also like her Kiss with Shahid Kapoor….

  • Kaju

    when i saw Kareena Kapoor first time in Movie “Refugee”, still i am a big fan of her.. i like everything in Kreena specially her smile………. haye… me mar java tenu per..you know its fair, she is top actress in bollywood. Afterall she proves her ability….and lot much..

  • she is becoming hot n sexy day by day