Lily Allen Q magazine April


23 year old Singer Lily Allen is not only interested in song writing, Glamour is also her passion. Recently she posed hot photo shoot with two panthers for April issue of Q Magazine.
She was wearing nothing but a pair of diamond squared hot pants and platform heels. There is a title of “Sexy Beast, Lily Allen” on the cover page.


She had given this pose to photographer John Wright last month . She was standing brave and unleashes her animal instincts, but the Panthers are digitally added in photograph. In another photo she is dancing in a purple fringed dress with three cats. These Buckinghamshire’s Amazing Animals, were handled by experienced trainers during the challenging shoot.


She had also shared her personal life in interview with Q magazine. She also talked about Audio Bullys DJ Tom Dinsdale. The interviewer even claims Lily French kisses Dinsdale in front of him. She is also in regular contact with ex-boyfriend Ed Simons. We don’t know why? She said “We still speak two times a week, he texts me all the time, making sure I’m all right.”
She still loves him and even said she hopes for reconciliation one day.
Meanwhile, the star also called for a ban of gossip magazines.