Disneymovierewards.com offers Disney Movie Rewards Codes


Are you a big fan of Disney Movies? Then you must know about the Disney Movie Rewards Codes that are offered by Disney’s official website Disneymovierewards.com. Disney movies on DVD come with Movie Reward codes at Disneymovierewards.com. If you buy your favorite Disney Movies on DVD, then you can get Disney Movie Rewards Codes that are available in two types : magic codes or musical codes. You can win rewards by entering code into your Disney Movie Reward account. The information of Disney Movie Rewards Codes, magic bonus code generator and use of these points at Disneymovierewards.com is mentioned here.

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Disney Movie Rewards Codes - Disneymovierewards.com

Disney Movie Rewards at Disneymovierewards.com

Disneymovierewards.com is the official website of Disney Movie Rewards (DMR). You will find six navigation options at the top of this website.

They are home, blu-ray, how it works, rewards, member benefits and my account. You can get the information of how to earn points under the option “how it works”. There are three ways to earn points. The first way is to enter magic codes; the second way is to redeem movie tickets; and the third way is to enter music codes. They will explain you in details through their special and interesting videos. The rewards are classified according to their value. They are in different groups, including bronze, silver, gold, platinum and pixie dust. View all rewards on the Rewards page.

Disney Movie Rewards Codes

Most of all the Disney Movies and Blu-ray Discs will contain a code that can be redeemed for Disney Movie Rewards. First you have to sign up for Disney Movie Rewards then enter codes online to earn points. You can use these points to buy Disney merchandise on the Disneymovierewards.com. You have to view the Eligible Titles page to see which titles are eligible.

How to use Disney Movie Rewards Codes at Disneymovierewards.com?

If you already have your Disney Movie Rewards account, then you need to log in to get the rewards from Disney. The steps are given below.

  • Go on Disneymovierewards.com
  • Click on My Account link
  • Open the login page
  • First enter your member name
  • Enter your password
  • Click on login button

The new members of Disney Movie Rewards can create new existing Disney Online account by providing necessary details.

Source: http://disney.go.com/disneymovierewards/

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