Free Virtual makeover Tool from iVillage


iVillage’s free virtual makeover tool allow you to test out the changes to your appearance before you make them. You can upload your own photo or select one of twelve models and apply various makeup, hairstyles and accessories like hats, glasses and jewelry. After you finalize the best look you can save the photo and share it with your friends. The choices for making colors are all based on present colors obtainable from makeup that can be purchased in stores.

Free Virtual makeover Tool from iVillage

iVillage Inc. is a media company which controls several online and offline media based properties for women. It is based in New York City and is a part of the NBC Universal. Comprising Food, Health, Entertainment, Family, Beauty and Style, focus on categories targeted at women. Extra businesses and brand expansions contained by iVillage Networks comprise iVillage UK, NBC Digital Health Network, and GardenWeb.

iVillage is the biggest content-driven community online for women and as of April 2010 it has around 34 million unique visitors every month (comScore). iVillage also contain message boards where women can post questions and answers on different topics for free. It has a partnership with BlogHer which is a participatory news, entertainment and information network for women on the web. It is an outstanding and informative site for women of all ages.


Steps for how to do your makeover on

  • Visit and click on “Beauty & Style” navigation.
  • Then click on “Makeover” navigation and press “Start Now” or “Get Started” button.
  • You can select one of the virtual models or scan your own photograph.
  • Select an area from the navigation such as Hair, Face, Eyes, Lips and Celebrity Looks.
  • In “Hair” navigation there are two options like Hair stylesand Hair color.
    • At “Hair styles” option you can filter hair styles with length such as short, long and mid-length and styles such as layered, feathered, curly, brown, bob, etc.
    • At “Hair color” option you can also select the hair color, high lights and low lights for the hair styles that you have selected. You can redo and undo your step and also compare them with previous photo from the option given just below the photo. Also you can clear the whole steps with clear option.
  • In “Face” navigation there are three options such as Foundation, Blush and Concealer. In “Foundation” “Blush” and “Concealer” options you can choose shades from light, medium and dark as well as adjust the amount of it. Also filter it by brands and price. You can also purchase them by clicking on “Buy it” button.
  • In “Eyes” navigation there are five options like Shadow, Liner, Lashes, Contacts and Brows.
    • In “Shadow” option you can select shades from brights, blues/greens, plums/browns and darks as well as adjust the amount and shimmer level of it. Select the eye shadow from the option given below.
    • At “Liner” option select shades from brights and darks as well as adjust the amount and smudge. Adjust the eyeliner from the given options.
    • In “Lashes” option select the color and adjust the eyelashes from upper lashes and lower lashes as well as adjust the amount of it. You can filter shadow, liner, lashes by brands and price as well as purchase them by clicking on “Buy it” button.
    • In “Contacts” option you can select color of the contacts and adjust the location as well as remove it.
    • At “Brows” option you can adjust the volume of the eyebrows and adjust the location as well as remove it.
  • In “Lips” navigation there are four options Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lipliner and Whiten Teeth.
    • In “Lipstick” “Lipgloss” and “Lipliner” options choose shades from red, corals and plums/browns as well as adjust the amount and gloss level of it. You can also adjust the location and remove it. You can filter lipstick, lipgloss, lipliner by brands and price as well as purchase them by clicking on “Buy it” button.
    • At “Whiten Teeth” navigation you can adjust the amount and adjust the location as well as remove it.
  • After doing all the changes click on “Save Makeover” button.
  • A “Look Book” will be formed automatically for all of your saved looks. Press “My Looks” for viewing.
  • Share it with your friends on facebook and twitter.


  • Dmitry

    me just done my makeover free on, it z amaizing, i don’t believe tht i could looks lyk dis also. free, fun, no-hassle at! lyked it

  • Robert

    ivillage is an excellent all-round site aimed at women. it’s a gr8 way to experiment without purchasing products.

  • Rutvi

    i love the huge categories with minute make-up contents available at Virtual makeover Tool from iVillage. Thanks to ivillage 4 giving ideas of doing make up on face and change hairstyle as per our wish.

  • St

    i think they’re great, wish someone would do that to me!