Hairstyles For Women With Double Chins – Haircut Pictures


Get the right haircut and make different hairstyle, if you have a double chin. View some of the best selected hairstyles especially for women with double chins.

Wrong hairstyle can make double chin look terrible and it can also draw attention to the double chin. Choosing right hairstyles is the best way to take people’s attention away from double chin. Read the following article to know hairstyles for women with double chins.

Hairstyles For Women With Double Chins – Haircut Pictures

A subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down and creates a wrinkle, making the person appear to have a second chin is called double chin. People who are elderly or obese, double chin is most common but a person of average weight can also bear a double chin depending on their bone structure and amount of loose skin.

When the bottom jaw is lowered or the head is tilted down, it is more noticeable. There are several short, medium, and long double chin haircuts which can be selected for reducing the look of round face. But women with double chin should focus on length. When you are trying to take the attention away from the chin, length is very significant.


Hairstyles For Women With Double Chins:

Short Hairstyles:

If you want to detract from a double chin, then prefer a short haircut which incorporates height into the style. Short hairstyle cannot physically hide a double chin but it can draw the eye away from the chin area by creating interest and volume at the top of the head. Balancing the shape of your round face, the extra height will also make your face look longer. You can try shorter cuts, like a crop, pixie, or boy cut.

A bob hairstyle:

A bob hairstyle works well at this length. Trim the hair into either a one-length or layered bob haircut which sets past the chin. Getting such a haircut will draw the eye downward, away from your jaw line and would even create the impression of a longer face.

Medium-Length Hairstyles:

A medium-length hairstyle can hide a double chin as long as it sits at the right length. Avoid any medium-length hairstyle that ends over or at the level of the chin. This would attract direct attention to your double chin, and make it easily visible. Rather, select a haircut which sets under the chin or longer.

Layered Shag Hairstyle:

To hide a double chin, Layered shag hairstyle also works well. Just don’t get too much volume at the level of the chin, or else the haircut would itself focus on the double chin, instead of taking attention away from it. Instead, have the layers cut slightly shorter around your face and blow-dry them to sit inward, against the cheeks and chin. This will create the impression of a narrower face and help physically hide the double chin.

Long Hairstyles:Long hairstyles are required to abide by the same principles as medium-length double chin hairstyles. Use strategic layering around the cheeks and face to hide the double chin. Avoid getting fringes across the forehead or the middle portion in these kinds of haircuts. The fringes would only center the appearance entirely on the double chin and your round face. Instead, choose no bangs or a side-swept bang to show some forehead and make your face look longer, and an off-center part to break up the symmetry of your face.

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