How To Trim Your own hair? Tips for Men & Women


Is there anything else so much irritating than going to a salon for a haircut? What a stylist in a salon really does is cutting two inches of your hair, trimming and combing the rest of the hair neatly. You pay for this and return home. Have you ever thought of trimming your hair by yourself instead of going to a salon or parlor? If so, here are some tips for you to trim your hair yourself.

Tips for Women:

trim-your-own-hair - How To Trim Your own hair? Tips for Men & Women

Trimming your hair once in every four weeks is advisable, since it helps in the further growth of your hair. It is nothing but cutting the dead end of your hair found at the bottom. Initially you need to wash your hair with a fine shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair gets half dried up, comb your hair in such a way that it falls straight at your back. Ensure that your hair doesn’t dry up fully and it is better to keep a spray bottle filled with H2O to moisture your hair each time it gets dry. After combing your hair neatly, divide it into even sections.


Use clips and rubber bands to fix the remaining hair firmly. Split your hair into two segments, separated by a straight line from the upper portion of your head to the side portions. Now bring the upper portion of your hair front of your eyes. Clip your hair in such a way that the exact place where you are ought to make the cut should have your nose as the base.

Use a mirror to comb the portion of hair you have cut just and cut the excess hair if any. If you have clipped the hair too much then the haircut would have been shorter. With the help of a comb, you can roll out the side portions, which is slightly longer than the portion of your hair that you have just cut. Pin the side portions upward and after that make the subsequent cuts. Shortly, you could see your hair falling into layers.

Now keeping this portion of hair that you have just cut as a guide, cut the rest of the portions which you have clipped. Carefully cut the second portion evenly on having the first portion as a guide. It would be really hard for you if you had divided your hair into several numbers of segments. Hence avoid dividing your hair too much. This is all the trimming process. If you are doing it for the first time, get the help of your mom or friend.

Tips for Men:

The trimming process is not easy for men, since they have very short hair compared to women. With short hair, it is hard to look at mirror and cut your hair by your own. Usually men’s hair is highly exposed to chemicals and products, which could cause enduring damages. To prevent this, one should have a haircut at least once in two months.

Cut your own hair for men

The sensitivity and texture of your hair play a vital role in determining whether you should have a haircut often or not.  For men having a normal short hair, trimming would remove around 1/4 of an inch hair. With the help of a mirror, take a fine look at the thickness of your hair, right from root to tip and check for thin and split ends.

Get assistance from someone and then begin the process. You yourself can cut the hair covering upper and side portions of your head. Initially take a set of hair between your index and middle finger and cut it evenly. Clip the portion you have just cut. Do it until you complete cutting the portions of your hair which is visible.

Only the back portion would be left uncut, since it is not visible for you. Ask your wife or friends to cut those portions. It is a must to use sharp and small scissors particularly meant for this purpose.

How to cut your own hair at home (Video Guide)

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