How to wear Scarves in the Summer?


Summer is not about the burning weather and bare skin, but is the season where new trends and fashions originate. Of course you may think who would wear a scarf on a hot summer day, but with fashion, nothing is impractical. Scarves made up of light weighted materials like cotton, silk and satin are designed in particular to be worn on summers. Thin and skinny scarves would make a best outfit that doesn’t sweat you.

how to wear scarves - how to wear scarves in the summer?

Scarf is the only fashion accessory, which could be worn with any kind of outfit, say either with a t-shirt or a business suit. Pashmina, cashmere, fleece, and silk are some of the clothing varieties in which a summer scarf often comes. Fashion has changed women from the traditional way of wrapping scarves around the neck. Summer scarves come in several designs and styles, which are not only meant to wear around neck.  You can also wear them around your hip or head. Learn different ways to wear scarves during the summer days.


Hip scarves can be worn with a jeans or leggings outfit. It gives you a dazzling look when you fold the scarf and tie its ends at one hip. It would be even more stunning, if the scarf is a bit longer. In such a case, there would be some piece of cloth leftover at the side where you have tied the ends, which brings you a classy style. These scarves usually come in transparent materials with beads, sequins and metallic circles attached to them.

The hip scarves can be also worn as a belt for tight fitted jeans paired with pointed or high heels. On a summer day, hip scarves could be a better choice, since they merely cover your hip and not bare areas like neck and head, which sweats often.

For women who are extremely concerned about their hair style, a longer scarf would be optional. If you have a feeling that your hair style may lose its position on wearing a scarf, then you can fold your scarf in a triangular shape and tie it around your neck loosely. If you wish to add your cuteness with a scarf, then a head scarf would make it for you. It can be worn with short sleeved shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and other summer shots. If you sense that you have an oily or an uncomfortable hair, then the apt solution to cover your hair is with a head scarf.

It can be worn by placing the center of the scarf above your forehead or on the hairline and tie the ends underneath your chin. Head scarves are the best option for women who prefer to be simple and cute. It also adds them with innocence. Since these scarves wrap your head you may feel too hot if in summer it is yet more unbearable. Anyhow this is fashion and women are ready to give up anything for it.

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