5 Best free Games in Blackberry App World


With the ever increasing size of the Blackberry App World, more and more number of apps is being added to the App World for its users. One of the major factors which have resulted in the increasing popularity of the Blackberry phones is the Blackberry App World. The rate of its growth is wonderful. There are so many games available in its workspace that people would like to know about the top ones to try and have fun. So, here I shall present a list for those seeking to try out the most sought after games from the Blackberry App World.

1. Ka-Glom

Blackberry Game: Ka Glom

This is a free game app which is very addictive and yet belongs to the puzzle genre. You are required to combine the Ka-Glom jelly which is explosive so as to blast the blocks available and then you shall ultimately see through the chain reaction. There are the falling blocks. You will combine and connect similar color blocks to eliminate them. You can either play the Survival mode or the Puzzle mode.


2. Pixelated

Blackberry Game: Pixelated

Quite a wonderful combination of puzzle and strategy, the Pixelated game app is quite challenging and demands a good combination of skills. The player is provided with an objective to make all the squares appearing on the screen to a single color. You should be able to do so in the least number of moves which are possible. If you shall go by the default settings, then for the obtaining of a win, you are required to clear the screen in a number of moves which should be less than 21.

3. Hangman

Blackberry Game: Hangman

Yes folks, you all must be acquainted with this classical game. The game is quite simple and addictive, and the rules of the game are fairly simple. The player is required to guess the word which you have been shown in the form of blanks representing characters, before your dedicated number of chances run out. The number of chances is governed by our favourite, the Hangman.

4. Copter

Blackberry Game: Copter

This too is a classical game and seems to have been played by many. The Copter for your Blackberry sounds wonderful, right! The rules are that you are needed for guiding the helicopter through a cave, which is rough, and you should see that the helicopter avoids obstacles.

5. Number Cruncher

Blackberry Game: Number Cruncher

Last but not the least, this game has been called as the “highest rated game in the app world”. The player is required for the generation of a large number of sequences of numbers, as much as possible, within the given allotted time. There are various ways and techniques which you are required to use like doubles, multiples and even wrapping. As the numbers will get removed, the vacant places shall be filled by the new numbers.

There you go! There is a list of the top 5 game apps which a Blackberry user must try for his phone. So go ahead, and download them now.