Best 5 Action and Adventure games for Windows phone


The Windows Phone Seven platform from the Microsoft has become so-so famous in so small time because of the amazing games that are available for the users of the system as free download. Today we brought for you dive of the best games that can be downloaded and layer on the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Best Action and Adventure games for Windows phone - Top 5 games list

Since all of these are XBOX games it makes the whole gaming scenario even more interesting for a hardcore gamer and gives him or her another reason to think about changing over from his or his existing mobile phone operating system to the Windows Phone Seven one.

1. Gravity Guy:

Gravity Guy is a very new and innovative game that is available for download to be played on the WP7 operating system. The dame is about a guy who is defying the rules in a world where all the gravity laws are broken. The Gravity Guy is on the run and is being chase by the Gravity troops who are coming to get him. The game is similar to many of the Arcade and action game that are present on the different operating systems like the Android and Bada. The game is fast paced and amazingly addictive makes the gamers lose their minds on the game.


  • Addictive game play
  • Superb design
  • Local Multiplayer mode
  • Interactive tutorial to learn how to play
  • Leader-boards and achievements

Price: $2.99

Download link: Gravity Guy for Windows Phone

The game is also available to be played on the Web version at

2. Tentacles:

Tentacles are another amazing XBOX live game that is available for download in the marketplace. The game is about an experiment of a mad scientist horribly going wrong and creating a monster that is hungry for the lives of the humans. The game consists of 40 finger breaking levels and several interpreting and attractive boss fights.


  • Interesting game play
  • Global leader boards
  • Online Game play
  • Amazing graphics

Price: $4.99

Download link: Tentacles for Windows Phone

3. Harbor Master:

Harbormaster is one of the best selling addictive action game that is now coming to the WP7 platform. You play the role of a harbor master of a sea transport. Your duty is to direct boats into the dock and see that they do not crash and unload their goods easily. Amazing strategy gaming design that can make any game developer really-really proud.


  • Great game play
  • Nice graphics
  • Addictive
  • Online game play
  • Leader boards

Price: $2.99

Download link: Harbor Master for Windows Phone

4. Pocket God:

Pocket God so abs adventure game that brings gaming close to religion. The one game that we really loved playing was the pocket god’s game for the WP7 platform. The game revolves around the prehistoric island on which the player is the god and has to rule over the pigmy community. You are allowed to do everything that a real god can; even giving life and killing people lifting them in air etc.


  • Exclusive game play
  • Amazing graphics
  • Great tutorials
  • Addictive

Price: $2.99

Download link: Pocket God for Windows Phone

5. Parachute Panic:

This is a unique time pass game for the WP7 platform; you are supposed to help the military parachutists, to land safely on the ground. The problem being the helicopters sharks and thunder that are going wild against your parachute. The game contains beautiful hand-drawn graphics that give the game a stunning and distinctive look. There are also some comic animations when, for example, one of the skydivers breathes his last breath in a failed encounter with the enemy.


  • Amazing interface
  • Great graphics
  • Superb game play

Price: $2.99

Download link: Parachute Panic for Windows Phone