Best 5 free games to play on Windows 8


No need to pay for gaming console if you are users of Windows 8 device, because Games can come cheap in the Microsoft Windows 8 store. Know the detail about five best free games for Windows 8 here.

Why pay for Xbox…Play Station…OR other Game consoles when you can play your favorite games on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC for free? When we think of tablet or mobile games, Angry Birds, Temple Run and Bejeweled comes first in our mind. But at present, mobile gaming touches the heart of desktop computing via Windows 8 because gaming on Windows 8 has become more than just flinging neon colored birds at green pigs though. People are more excited about Windows 8 and they continue to upgrade their PCs to Microsoft Windows 8. Additionally, more and more developers are adding latest data to the Windows store. Windows store does not offer more gaming apps than Google Play or iTunes App Store, but it has brought some modern and solid apps in computing for both productive users and those looking to just spend the time. Whether you would like to blast away zombie spirit or put some pedal to the medal, here are given best five free games for Windows 8 that will definitely bring out the gamer in you, as well insist you to play again and again.

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Six Guns:

Hitherto, game lovers have enjoyed only single player game on their mobile device, but now it becomes possible to play multiplayer game on mobile phone with Windows 8 OS. Six guns is really good open world action game that offers both single and multiplayer action. ‘Buck Crosshaw’ is hero of the game that gets horse and gun soon after the game starts. This is the first Windows game that enables players to explore massive and open Wild West landscapes full of cowboys, vampires, bandit, and more…..unnatural enemies.

In this game, players have to pass through 40 missions with different types of tasks like Race horses, stop robbers, shoot targets, fend off waves of enemies, take back the fort, and more along the way. In this kill-or-be-killed land, you have to unlock 8 different horses, 19 weapons and variety of clothes, bullets and other items to assist you on your adventure.

All missions are basic tasks; player has to complete it for money and experience points. During the game, player can utilize the virtual pad to move buck, as well as call horses to travel rapidly through the desert frontier. Player can get mission either by selecting the mission in the map or by travelling to the location. There is also cover feature to protect your player from foe attacks.


Game supports both mouse and keyboard as a control option. One main plus point about the game is that it shares cloud save data with Windows Phone 8 version. When you install game on your mobile phone, you will be prompted to load the cloud save profile if one exists. Accepting it, you will be able to get better your character’s level, equipment, and all game progress.


If you are fond of solving puzzle, then definitely you will be fan of Taptiles, a simple but nicely animated tile matching game. In this game, you have to just find pairs of tiles to complete puzzles. It’s a 3D puzzle game, so when you are unable to find accurate match, rotate the puzzle around to spot unexpected solutions and opportunities. In this game, you will get multiple game modes, theme options, medals, daily challenges and leader boards. Dash Mode, Origins Mode, and Relaxation Mode are three main gaming modes. Dash mode is short and simple that can earn you extra time, so you have to clear tiles as quickly as possible. In this mode, player can also earn special bonus tiles with game-changing effects like the Wild Tile, Gem Tile, and Time Tile by matching title readily.

Player can enjoy new kind of puzzle in Origins Mode that consists of larger, more challenging puzzles and a more relaxed time limit. If you want to enjoy puzzle game without the pressure of a ticking clock, then choose relaxation gaming mode that is untimed mode. You will get new twist in game every day. It comes with Xbox integration, by which you can earn achievements, compete with your friends, submit your scores to the leader boards, and track your personal game play statistics just by logging in to your Xbox account.

Endless Skater:

Get ready for ride…because High-flying skateboarding action is coming on Windows 8 devices. You can do endless skating ride through Windows 8 “Endless Skater” which is developed by Supervillian Studios. In this game, you can Flip, Grab, and Grind your way to the longest runs and highest scores. During the game, skate side to side and select different ways to discover sicker lines or chain together better combos and whatnot, grind some rails, clear a gap, and collect the LINE letters spotted throughout the track.

Player can play the game as professional skaters like Danny Way, Sean Malto, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, Christian Hosoi, and Ryan Decenzo, so that he/she can perform more and more complex stunts. It offers unlimited number of levels so the game will never end and even gives two-different, ever-changing environments – The School and The Rooftops. Throughout the game, you can discover and master more than 25 different grind, grab, spin, and flip tricks with unlimited combinations.

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack:

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack is most popular two player fun shooter game, but now you can enjoy it in single player mode on Windows 8 devices. In this game, Makuhero City is under attack, so you have to protect it from the waves of brains attacking the Hero Factory. It is available with amazing 3D Graphics, incredible weapons, and an army of evil brains. Players are able to customize their hero using several weapons and armour, and also earn points to raise firepower and defences. You can select Furno, Bulk, Breez or Rocka to battle like your sidekick.

Recently, it has included new stadium level and six high powered weapons to increase difficulty level of the game. Controls are fairly straightforward and easy. Collect bonus items when you go to upgrade and use them when things get a bit difficult. It has its own achievements that unlock as you progress. It is not an advanced game, in spite of that it has been downloaded by number of Windows users.

Jetpack Joyride:

One more action game standing in the line of best free Windows 8 games – Jetpack Joyride is an amazing arcade-action game, where you have to avoid hitting objects while collecting coins. Previously, this game was designed only for touch, but now you can play through mouse. Controls are very simple, just tap/click and hold to fly higher. The aim of the game is also very simple – wear the secret jetpack and take to the skies like Barry Steakfries. One can guide their character through the defences. Spin tokens and coins are more important as it gives ability to earn bonuses.

Player can use coins to upgrade different jetpacks and vehicle improvements like coin magnets. It has also Xbox live integration, so that you can unlock achievements like Gold Digger and Romeo Alpha Delta, and share your skills online. You can compete with friends for highest scores…..enjoy game in free time to make highest scores.

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