Best 5 Portable Games to play from USB Drive


The best part about portable applications is that they can be used without installing them on the hard disk of any computer. They can be carried in a USB flash drive and you can just start the applications from there. In most of the offices most people are given a blank terminal without internet connectivity and no media features installed to work with (this is what we used to face in our college laboratories also). With such a machine you can do nothing to pass your time except banging your held on the machine. Hence portable games will be the best to pass time in such a case. You  can carry your favorite game in your flash drive, insert it into your stupid machine and start playing your favourite game. Here is a list of the best portable games that I used to like and carry all the time in my flash drive.

1. Canabalt Portable:


If you like the escape oriented game this one is tailor made for you. The theme behind the make is that your city is getting destroyed and you have to run to save yourself, run is the only option that you have to save yourself. It is a purely intoxicating concept that has been kept extensively simple and has been wonderfully realized. The player controls an animated character that is jumping breaking roofs of a city to escape the destruction that is going on in the background. The missions are different for each stage sometimes he is running to save his girlfriend, sometimes to escape and sometimes to deliver an important war message. Download Canabalt.

2. Hedgewars Portable:


Hedgewars is a turn based war and fun game I would say for the addict or the young. The game positions you as the commander of a a military of Hedgehogs which are pit against the enemy team to break their fort the team with atleast one hedgehog surviving the game wins it. It offers several weapons as well as several game play modes you can play the single player version or the multiplayer version there is even a multiplayer over the internet mode present. The controls are a little chunky but once you get used to them they do not pose much problem. All in all a thumbs up to Hedgewars. Download Hedgewars.


3. Brutal Chess Portable:


If you are one of those people who love to enjoy the tactics of mind and like running your mind crazy in your free time then this one is made especially for you. Brutal Chess as the name suggests is a computer based chess game where in the pawns fight whenever pitted against each other and defeat the weaker. You may either play against the PC or you can even play against your friend on a turn by turn basis. Download Brutal Chess.

4. Open TTD Portable:


If you are one of those constructive minds that engage themselves in constructive work like building a city or developing a civilization. It can be very well br considered as a replacement of the Transport Tycoon Deluxe from the Microsoft studios. The game places you in control of a transport company that can make profit by transporting passengers from road rail sea and air. Download OpenTTD.

5. Battle for Wesnorth Place:


For the strategy game lovers this game is absolutely divine and since it is also portable it makes it even more fun as you can play it whenever you are free wherever you find a terminal. You are to build a strong army of humans, elves, dwarfs, trolls and several other races which will defeat whoever dares to oppose them. There are several other adventures built along with fight to reclaim the city of Wesnorth. Download Battle for Wesnorth.

So, there it is guys, here is a list of five of the best portable gaming applications for you to try. Do not forget to let us know which are the ones that kept boredom away during your boring work hours in the comments section below.