Best Flash Games: Top 10 flash Video games of all time


Best Flash Games are interesting and easy to play. There are many types of flash games like drawing flash games, funny games, zombie flash games, ninja flash games, mario flash games, etc. Top 10 flash video games of all time are mentioned below.

Best Flash Games : Top 10 flash Video games of all time

The last stand

Best Flash Games : Top 10 flash Video games of all time

The last stand game is considered as the best zombie protection game. In this game, you have to control the time looking for survivors, artillery, and repairing your blockade.

Direction of the game:

Carry on the night combating off zombies from your blockade. Survive longer than a day with a use of the daylight hours successfully by repairing your barricade, finding for weapons, find and protect the barricade and finding for other survivors to assist the repair.


Features of the last stand game:

  • It has 11 different armaments
  • 3500+ accidental zombie appearances
  • 8 months in expansion
  • 20 Days & Nights of Game play


  • To move from one place to other place, make a use of W, A, S, D
  • To aim and fire, use the mouse
  • To switch weapons, use a Space key
  • R to reload
  • To open the alternatives and hiatus, use ESC

The Last Stand (flash game) automatic shotgun video from youtube:


Best Flash Games of all time

In the Cursor-10 game, you have to go yourself through a series of floors to guide the top of the tower. When you play game, your cursor expires and you have to initiate over. In the next step of the game, your earlier cursor repeats everything that has been done by you in that life. It may help to pay the current step.

Cursor*10 [2nd Session] Walkthrough video from youtube:


Best Flash Games : Top 10 flash Video games of all time

Kittens inexplicably come from the sky. You have to save them by flouting their drop. Move your mouse kitten’s catcher. Rupture the kittens’ go down and land them carefully. You will get the points according to bouncing kittens high. You get the additional live, when you save them.

Saving kittens in mmeoww video from youtube:

Damn Birds

Best Flash Games : Top 10 flash games of all time

This game is a simple shooter game and has some overwhelming art and animation. In the game, you will observe one sculpture in a garden. The statue stood at that garden for many years and viewed the birds pooping on it. One day, the sculpture decided to take vengeance on the Damn Birds. The statue can do this because it has a gun. It is very addictive game, at where, your skills can be checked as you plan to take down the birds and invest your earned cash into armaments and protection. You will get the score as you play the game.

Damn Birds Game – Hacked nicely video from youtube:


Best Flash Games : Top 10 flash Video games of all time

In the Motherload game, you have to assemble minerals on Mars and for the further processing, carry them back to the surface. You will encounter the more valuable minerals as deeper you dig. Mining machine is given to you to start the game. You will get many surprises as you play this game like hidden gas pockets, earthquakes and Martian soil.

Motherload Cheat/ walkthrough/ ending video from youtube:


Best Flash Games of all time

The game starts with drive an indestructible tank around. Enemies’ will attack by bombs thus will be darned into the sky. Now you can strike the helicopters and planes. You get the points as you manage to take down on a single combo. To win the game, you have to reach at the required experience points before your fuel finishes.

Indestructo tank- flash game video from youtube:


Best 10 Flash Games of all time

Bloons is basically two games. One game is based on whether the infinite darts mode is chosen or not. If it is not selected then it is Poppit style puzzle game having 50 unlockable levels. Toss your darts at the balloon configurations, click on the timing mouse to attain maximum distance. When you select infinite darts mode, unexpectedly Bloons becomes more of effective pressure reliever. If you do not restrict the number of darts obtainable, then the game becomes very easy.

Bloons Junior Walkthrough – All Levels video from youtube:

Madness Interactive

Best Flash Video games of all time

Madness Interactive is an action game, at where you can punch, shoot, stab or blow your enemy. Play the game through the anarchy demolishes enemies with knives, guns and your bare hands. Use Controls, W: up, A: left, S: down, D: right, Q: Bullet Time On/Off, E: Switch Weapons, F: Drop/Throw Weapon, Shift: Use Jetpack/Bomb.

Madness Interactive Walkthrough video from youtube:

Portal: The Flash Version

Best Flash Games : Top flash Video games of all time

Valve has designed a 2D version of the game. To play the game, deform yourself from Point A to Point B with the help of two portals. As you play the game, traps, holes, and machines will try to destroy you. Thus it is difficult to clear all levels of the game. 3D version of this game is more complex than 2D version.

Portal: The Flash Version Walkthrough Levels 1-10 video from youtube:

N Game

Best Flash Games : Top 10 flash games of all time

In the N game, you have to play Ninja who requires capturing golden cubes and escaping the level within 90 seconds. Now you can search mines, lasers and even heat-seeking missiles. To obtain the gold pieces, you have to run and leap but you should not leap too high as ninjas aren’t immortal.

N Flash Game – Desperado Stage Cleared video from youtube:

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