Best Windows Phone 7 Games in the market place


One of the best features that the Windows phone7 operating system has to offer is its integration with the XBOX games, which means that if you own a smartphone running the Windows Phone 7 operating system you can download and play all the very best XBOX games on your device like a PSP. Along with the operating system Windows has launched a marketplace to make all the best apps and games available for its new platform, it is called the Windows market place. The new XBOX games for your phone can be downloaded from this app market. Here is list of the three of the best XBOX games that are available for your windows phone 7 device, most of the names in this list are a favourite of both you’re and mine when it comes to user interface and gaming quality as a whole:

1. Dodge these Balls:

Dodge these balls is one of the most amazing hand held gaming experience that I have ever been through it keeps me busy all the time and if you have ever held an android you would know how addictive was Labyrinth the game is of the same genre, here also you need to dodge your red ball through all the black balls. The maneuverability is of course based on the accelerometer mounted o your phone and that makes the experience even more interesting. However there is no way in the app that you can adjust the settings of your accelerometer that makes the experience just a little difficult to understand. Even after all that the game was a fun to play and one which I did not want o put down once I started with.

2. Birdy Bounce:

Birdy bounce is another of remake of a famous Android game for the windows phone 7 platforms if you have ever played Doodle Jump on android you would know why I claim that. In this game just like the doodle jump you control the jumping character to reach the next higher platform improving your game points to become the apex and reach the top of the all the platforms. The game offers only local high scoring but no online score posting which is something that we disliked about the device. If you talk about gameplay this gameplay is very appealing for the first time WP7 users but for those who have shifted to the platform from either an iPhone or  Android it might not be as interesting.

3. Orange Game:

If you are one of those guys who like the colorful and cartoon like display then this game is mad for you. This one of course is no morphology for Windows phone 7 but it is a cross platform game that is available on both the iOS and WP7 platforms.  The game gives you the feeling of an orange gatherers and one that has to do it along with your uncle. Instead of catching the oranges in the normal way there is a twist in the tail you need to catch the oranges with the help of a helmet with a spring the oranges may bounce on your head and fall anywhere what you need to do is that you need to make the oranges fall in the truck and not in the empty area.

There it is guys some of the best games for the Windows Phone 7 platform do let us know if you found another interesting one in the comments section below.