Epic Browser Game ‘EV Online’ from Evolution Vault Games company


Evolution Vault announces EV Online a browser-game for the new Epic browser

Evolution vault is now an established name in the world of gaming. The company has been developing with the theme of Space strategy that has been one of the most popular in the present times. The company was established in September 2005 and currently has its base office in Romania. Not only simple PS and XBOX the company even manufactures browser and social games. Some of the biggest space strategy games can be credited to this company RTS Galactic Dream: Rage of War, XENO being one of them.

The company has announced that it will launch a browser game that can be played on the Indian browser Epic that is based on the Mozilla platform. The new web browser is already making news on the technology front and with this gaming company deciding to launch its game on the browser it is sure to gain more popularity. The game is dubbed as the EV online and is a space strategy game.


The story line of the game goes as follows – Far away in the galaxy, two species are in conflict as we speak. In a dark corner of space, inside the EV cluster, the Sargon Empire became the mightiest nation our galaxy has ever known. One which decides the fate of all civilizations, the Sargon is based on deceit and lies, as their technological advancements, their legacy, were all stolen. Though the story line seems interesting there is not much to game in the EV online.

Some of the best features of the game are its easy alliance forming capabilities, the best attacking and spying features, you have the control of millions of starships ( something that all growing kids always wanted !) which will include fighters and battle cruisers. The game can be restarted from the same position at which it was left even when the browser is offline. EV Online will feature a world with thousands of players fighting for supremacy. One begins the game acting as a commander of a tiny basestar inside the EV cluster, and rises to become the ultimate leader, one which all look at with either respect or fear.

Being the leader is something that every individual likes and when it is a leader in the space then probably it is something that you would love. Although the real playing situation is something that all of us can only imagine of, but probably the virtuality of the game is the strength of the game.