ESPNU College Town – A new facebook game from ESPN


ESPNU College Town emerged recently on Facebook. ESPNU College Town game revolves around structuring your personal virtual college campus.

People can enjoy new game on Facebook called ESPNU College Town, which is unconfined by Disney’s Playdom. This is the best city building online game, where you can create your own college.

The Walt Disney Company’s Playdom was identified as one of the “2010 Hottest Silicon Valley Companies” by Lead411. It is also recognized as a well-known online games contributor on Facebook and on MySpace. In 2009, jointly with games providers Zynga and Playfish, Playdom was a very powerful provider to a market worth $300 million in online sales of virtual goods through social networking sites.

ESPNU College Town - A new facebook game

The concept of the game depends on constructing the university campus. ESPNU College Town game puts you in charge of a college campus, administration everything from building and finance management to keeping school spirit and athletic teams. ESPNU College Town permits you to re-connect with your academic friends, make new friends, converse your Alma matter, and mock your enemy. The ESPNU College Town allows you to build your college according to your predilection and wishes.

In the game, academic buildings like Art Department or Journalism Department assist you to maintain your students happy. These buildings can be upgraded that will increase pleasure levels. Entertainment buildings are considered as a great resource of revenue for your college. You can include sub shops, record stores, video arcades, hot dog stands and other entertainment formation in your game.


 ESPN launch new social game College Town to play free on facebook

Various campus buildings have different aims such as earning money or attracting more students to the school. If you want to attract more students, then you have to enlarge the size of your campus and the quality of the players you can include to your roster. You should upgrade sports facilities so you can earn more money from events and enlarge your campus to attract bigger number of students.

In ESPNU College Town game, friends can send each other virtual gifts and maintain track of each other’s win-loss records. Building and upgrading your campus is appealing, as the random challenges you can issue to others. Success within challenges depends on the basis of players you use to play the challenge against your opponent’s entire Star. The winner of the game that is decided for you through a slots-type mini game gets bragging rights and a notch up on the leaderboards.

You can use real money to buy a wide range of items branded with the various college affiliations, logos, and mascots. You can also purchase eminent venues. Notable thing about ESPNU College Town is how well it runs at launch and how wonderfully detailed the visuals are. You can see the people playing sports in your venues, cars drive along your roads and people walk around campus.

“It’s exactly that type of rivalry we’re capturing in this game,” said Jay Arrera, the senior producer of ESPNU College Town. To connect with ESPNU College Town, Sign up for Facebook here. Refer to ESPNU College Town Walkthrough and game play videos to play and win game easily.

  • Samntha

    it z a gd idea, my new favorite game on facebook, gr8 fun game but tell me can u play without a facebook!!

  • Natasha

    wohhhee!!! love dis game n also love to create a thriving college environment. gr8 fun!! really enjoy :oops: :roll: :)