ESPNU College Town Walkthrough: Tips for Facebook Game


Follow the walkthrough instructions to play the ESPNU college town game very carefully. The ESPNU College Town’s walkthrough is provided with quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats on how to do your best at building your dream Campus.

ESPNU College Town Walkthrough: ESPNU College Town Cheats and Tips for Facebook Game

ESPNU College Town is simulation type game developed by Playdom. It is facebook application where you can create your own university or college. The latest Facebook game is similar to Social City and City of Wonder. You can build living quarters for your Students, Academic Buildings, fun places for students to hang out and Venues to hold exciting events for your Students. Players can use their team to face casual challengers or to challenge their friends for glory and more points for your favorite college on the leader board.

Different campus buildings provide different goals, like earning money or attracting more students to the school. Decorations like statues and trees can also provide to attract more students. When you draw more students, you raise the size of your campus and the quality of the players you can add to your roster. In time you improve your sports facilities so you can create more money from events and increase your campus to attract ever-larger numbers of students. During the playing time, you can include entertainment buildings such as arcades, eateries, and other buildings which will produce cash for their college over time. Collected cash can be used for buying more structures as structures providing the player is at the required level.


Quick Start guide:

  • To play the ESPNU College Town, you must have a current Facebook account. If you do not have account then first register in the site.
  • At this page, you can find the game at top this page or you can visit the ESPNU college Town Facebook Page Shown in image above at This is an awesome page to bookmark as you can connect with other players and see weekly specials, bonuses and game upgrades.
  • Once you reach at the game, you will be asked to register your email address, bookmark, and “Like” the ESPNU Facebook Page. Once you finished these tasks you will see a progress bar along the top of the screen.  Once you filled this section, get login page and you should have a bookmark in your Facebook game area.
  • Once you login in the game, choose your school’s name and colors.
  • You can select a school to member with from pull down list. There are a many types of Universities to choose from. For Example, you select University of Michigan; you will have their team logo and team colors.  Any Time you can select your member and create your own colors and name.
  • Once you have made your choices hit “Continue”
  • ESPNU College Town has many fun things to do but at the beginning of the main task select your team name, colors and logo, go through the tutorial and invite friends to join as you will need a specific number of friends to purchase certain structures and upgrades

Game Screen Elements

  1. A. Level/Cash Indicators: Here you will see what level you are currently on and under the number is a progress meter that fills as you earn XP. (Experience points for various actions in the game including purchases, adding students, and leveling up.)
  2. B. Campus controls: At this element, you can click to change your University’s name, Colors or Logo. You can also select which schools associate with and see the statistics of your university such as number of students enrolled, alumni, and more. If your students are not happy, the smiley face icon automatically changes. To see what requires to be done if your students are unhappy. Put your cursor over this icon. Generally adding entertainment buildings or starting a venue will increase happiness. To raise happiness, you may also require including extra living spaces.
  3. C. Game Controls:Clicking on the top button causes is to increase as revealed in the image above. When stretched reading left to right, you can toggle image quality, game sound, and game music on and off. The outstanding buttons from top to bottom will allow you play in full screen mode, Zoom in and out and get images of your university which will be put on your facebook profile and News feed and will be included to a special Album just for ESPNU College Town pictures.
  4. D. Campus Information: Click on the man icon which is located in the cap and gown to find out details about your universities such as number of students enrolled, the Spirit level you are currently at, and how many students are need to open another venue.
  5. E. Daily Newsletter: To see the daily newsletter, click on it. This paper will tell you about any new game additions and you can buy special buildings that are only presented for a limited time or until they are sold out.
  6. F. Gif Inventory: When you are prized a gift from Playdom for an accomplishment, or from a Neighbor, you will be informed and if you believe the gifts will be found here. Click on the icon to open the menu.

Read some more icon and walkthrough details from the

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  • Jeff

    Promotional codes that i have found so far.

    Here is the list:

    gameday – the gameday set
    7E1UeRZh – 10,000 coins
    sL868164 – Alabama Football Stadium
    86R3c1B3 – UNC decoration
    cr1ocmeb – Bed & Breakfast
    pl4lassv – Fountain

    The Stadium is by far the best code here as if you remove your football field and build the stadium you gam play division 1 games and make $21,000 every three hours.

  • Mario

    don’t see how these codes are working? Am I missing something? only the 10k coin code worked for me