Redemption Code in Fable 3 Villager Maker to activate village creator


Fable III game launches on 26th October and will offer players an exclusive question and 1,000 gold pieces. For the Fable III game, Fable 3 Villager Maker is a pre-order inducement from Lionhead Studios. Players are allowed to create a custom villager for their Fable III game. Fable 3 villagers will be just similar to any other; players can marry, kill and accept quests from participating retailers for support. The type of question depends on the villagers’ personality that depends on the personality and home given by players. Players can change clothes, hair and voice of villagers according to their liking after generating villagers.

fable 3 villager maker not working - Fable 3 Villager Maker Redemption Code

First of all, players need to pre-order the game after pre-ordering, they can design their own villager. To design a custom look of villager, make a back-story and select favorite accessories. Anyone can begin designing, but a redemption code is required for uploading the villager to the game. To create a male or female villager with over 2,000 different variations, including an action-packed backstory for the character, sole personality traits, clothing, accent, hairstyles and the region they hail from, Fans can use the tool. Players need to run their imagination freely as they want to make their mark in the fantastical world of Fable III for creating a valiant ally, an evil villain, or perhaps the perfect spouse.

Players can save their character as desktop wallpaper and share their creation with their friends on Facebook and Twitter to see, who has the coolest design. Anyone can start designing the villagers but transportation of villager into Fable III game can be done by fans, who have pre-ordered the game at participating retailers. Players are allowed to bring their character creation to life in Fable III with a provided redeemable code.

Players can receive a redeemable code when they pre-order the game. They need to log into and redeem the code to design the villager that will be received from a participating retailer. Redeemable code will expire on 23 November. If fans are facing a problem to activate village creator then they need to try a different browser. The face of any character, which was not of the Caucasian persuasion, could not be generated but their body did admit other skin tones.

Video of Fable III Villager Maker Tutorial from youtube:

  • Jazmine

    i didn’t get my fable 3 villager maker redemption code on my receipt in fact don`t get it on the reciept from fable 3 villager creator gamestop! wer do i find the xbox fable 3 villager creator code…..pls help me on dis!!!!

  • Anniken

    fable 3 villager maker not working for me…. m still a little mysified as to how d straegic game plays. Some fable 3 villager maker guide here would really help.

  • Julien

    how to get fable iii villager maker code b’caz i just found out abt it n would lyk to participate in it.

  • Kaivan

    I pre-ordered the Limited Collector’s Edition from Grainger Games here in the UK, but I did not get a code for the Villager Maker. Can anyone help?

  • Phil

    I havent goten a code ether and from what iv read on most sites theres alot who havent who pre-order’d

  • Jay

    I know i havent got my redemption code either but my friends said that i should right to either fable or where i got it from so i think you’s should ring them…….. hope dis helps ……. :)