Free Online Halloween Games for Kids: Have Fun!


Halloween is a great festival that comes every year and it is celebrated traditionally with spooky costumes and candy. Halloween can be more funny with Special computer or video games. Nowadays, many websites offer free child-friendly Halloween themed games that any parents allow their child to play. Halloween games for kids include many ranging from simple pumpkin carving games to scary games, letting kids of any age to enjoy the benefits of free online gaming.

Free Online Halloween Games for Kids

Pumpkin Carving Games:

At online pumpkin carving games, children can carve and decorate festive pumpkins. These games are best for older children having strong reading skills. offers to decorate a pumpkin with a variety of facial features, including winking eyes, glasses, a mustache, rabbit ears and leaves. At, children can play pumpkin carving game and select their carving utensils – including knives, X-acto blades, candles, markers and spoons – and the design they hope to make.

Free Online Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Pumkins game: 

This is a very awesome Halloween shooting game in which you have to shoot all your enemies like ghouls and ghosts with the help of mouse. In this game, shoot your enemies very quickly to win.


Pumpkin Supply: [Link]

In this Halloween game, kids have to catch the pumpkins and put them in the wheel barrel. As the controls are fairly simple, it is great for younger kids. To move the ghost, just use the mouse and the left click to off load the pumpkins.

Halloween Pumpkins: [Link]

You will require shooting of the pumpkins together to make groups of three. When you matched three pumpkins together they will be destroyed.

Interactive Monster Games:

Interactive Monster Games are for older children who love scary games. In these games, the user must escape from a monster, ghost or witch. offers to play Transylmania in which children must direct their player away from frightening vampires. Scary game is also offered by where children must use a stun gun to paralyze monsters while collecting candy. This game is best for older children.

Transylmania: [Link]

In Translymania, children will get to play a vampire who sleeps in his coffin with a little green teddy bear. Your goal in this game is to fly like a bat with the use of the arrow keys and bite the villagers turning them into green zombies.

Ghost Hunt: [Link]

Especially for the younger children, Ghost Hunt is a great Halloween game. In this game, you have to click on the different parts of the spooky scene until you find where the ghost is hiding.

Typing Monster: [Link]

This Halloween game allows your kids to strengthen their typing skills. To beat the monster in this game, you have to type as fast as you can.

Dress-Up Games:

To play dress-up games, assemble a scary or funny costume with the click of the mouse at many websites. At, help a little girl to find her costume or dress up a fairy.

online halloween games for kids free

Ben 10 Halloween Costumes Game: [Link]

To play this game, you have to give the perfect Halloween look to Ben 10 character. Different costumes are available there. To give them the scary look, select the different costumes. Play this game by the use of mouse. With a click of mouse, choose the given clothes and other accessories.

Halloween House Decor Game: [Link]

It very nice and cool game for the Halloween in which you have to set varieties of decoration accessories properly to make the gorgeous decoration. To compose decoration, just use your mind and imagination. Play this fun game with the mouse control. Move the different kind of accessories up, down, right and left by using mouse control.

Halloween Sierra: [Link]

This is a Halloween dress-up game for kids. Kids can play this fun game by dressing Sierra up in new shoes, hats, jewelry and more.

Coloring Games:

To do Halloween-themed arts and crafts with the inclusion of picture coloring games and mask decorating games, a variety of websites offer children the chance. At, Halloween picture coloring game is available where children use different colors to shade in a variety of Halloween sketches, including pumpkins, a bag of candy, a haunted house, an organ, a headless horseman and a witch.

Halloween coloring pages:

Some printable halloween coloring pages are given here. For fun, just click on the picture that given there and you would like to preview. Have fun and take as many as you require.

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