Hooves of Fire: Facebook Game Review


Being a game based on Adobe Flash support, Rubber Duck’s Hooves of Fire is quite an addictive package which shall allow you to race, train and breed horses. It seems to be a perfect game for the social platform, with its rules kept as simple, the matches being short and along with that a constant care is required for the maintenance of a good horse. The concept is itself quite addictive, and seems to be gathering more and more people towards it, bypassing the traditional farm games on Facebook.

Rubber Duck's Hooves of Fire - Horse Racing Facebook Game

At the beginning of the game, you shall be advised to purchase the possible number of horses and to race them. This does imply for the expansion of your stables. Initially you also need to enter into small betting, unless you get extra cash for playing. The training of the horses shall take place at the stables. If you buy at least one horse at the beginning of the game, then it will fetch you a stable source of income, and thus you can still survive in the game despite of losing all in betting. Whenever you shall have enough cash, you can see around for the suitable horse to buy in your available money.


The horses which you shall possess will allow for customization in terms of colour, name and saddle. You need to maintain the happiness level of your horses by feeding and brushing them. Moreover, the endurance and strength of your horses can be increased by the training sessions. The horses may even die due to some natural causes. Thus, it shall become a necessity to increase your number of horses by breeding them, and then training the horses throughout the gameplay.

Hooves of Fire Game Screenshot

On a social platform, there is no game more exciting than racing and competing ones. The matches of this game are available on a constant note. There is provision for you to either race you owned horses, or even bet on other races having the racing standard options available to you, the list of which will include win, trifecta, show and others. The game enables the player to watch the races of horses, thus actually complies with reality and makes one more familiar with horse-racing.

But, there seems to be a $5.00 VIP pass at the monthly level, which shall allow for gaining access to a science lab for the purpose of buying steroids and other similar stuffs, extra in-game 15000 dollars, and even allow the player to sell their horses. There are even some added benefits, according to which you can come to know about the tracks which are liked or disliked by the horses you own. Apart from this, the design ant art attached with the game seems to be quite distracting and does need a lot of improvement.

On the social interactions level, this horse racing game allows the player to brush other players’ horses for the purpose of earning cash. There is even provision for the player to chat with other players in the provided chat room. So, if you have not yet tried this fun-game, then go ahead and enjoy the horse racing gala addiction.

Hooves of Fire NRL Grand Final Race Video