How to play online games on Google Chrome


How to play online games on Google Chrome

As we all know that it becomes difficult to play online games on certain browsers as Google Chrome. But indeed there are solutions to this problem. The use of extensions to Google Chrome can be used to solve the matter. Most of the people love to play games online. So, why to deprive yourself from this facility? You can even play online games on your Google Chrome with the help of the extensions to Chrome. Here are the top 5 extensions for you.

1. JoyRack Games

When you click on this extension which points to games from, it shall offer you tons of options to choose from. The genres being provided include action games like 3D Space Hawk, racing games like Snowboard Challenge, classic games like Magic Balls, sports games like Mini Golf, and so on. But, on Chrome, one disadvantage is that you need to a lot of work to select the games as they are always displayed randomly. The two options provided for you to play the games are that you can do so in the mini window, or even use the JoyStack website. There are even a couple of standalone extensions for you to use for playing games as Tic-Tac-Toe or Chess.


2. Game Button

Game Button

This extension shall offer you the provision to play games in a wide variety of categories. The genres here include games in Action Games, Driving Games, Games for Girls, Casino and Card Games etc. the Chrome extension shall point to the FreeGames Toolbar website. You shall be entitled to play directly from your browser, even without the need for typing any URL. As and when new games shall be released on the main website, they will be accessible to you via the Game Button.

3. OMGPOP (Online multiplayer games)


The is actually a multiplayer game site where the games can be played by two or more gamers over a network. From the extension button, you shall get access to the 16 odd free games. On the brighter side, you can even choose to play alone for some of the available games. But, it seems that the most convenient and exciting way would be to invite a friend for the game. There is provision for you to directly play games even without the need for signing in, but in that case, your gaming profile and the scores for the leaderboard shall not be maintained. The Chrome extension shall lead to the website.

4. Classic Games

Classic Games

With this available game extension button for the Google Chrome, you shall be able to choose to play from among the nine available classic games the list of which include Helicopter, Pacman, and Max Dirt Bike, in the little browser window.

5. McDonald’s Manager Game

McDonald’s Manager Game

In this, you shall be put in the role of McDonald’s Manager, and you will need to manage the complete cycle of business for the company starting from the buying of pastures for the cattle to the running of a fast food joint. The objective shall remain to make virtual profits.

So, there you go, a complete solution of how to play online games on Google Chrome.