Redbox free video game rental codes


Redbox is a popular American-based company that provides new-release DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and video game rentals via its network of automated, self-service kiosks. With nearly 31,500 kiosks scattered around the United States, Redbox has become America’s most favorite entertainment destination. Here at Redbox, you’ll get all the latest release movies and games, along with a superb selection of the most famous titles and family favorites. No doubt, online video game rental is a wonderful service offered by Redbox, as it allows you to try out games before buying and see if they’re really worth keeping. What’s even more impressive about Redbox is that it has a number of interesting video games for almost all major platforms including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii.

Redbox free video game rental codes

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Redbox also offers several free promotional codes for the benefits of customers. Using these codes, one can easily get free movie and game rentals. Plus, it is super easy to redeem these codes. All you have to do is visit any Redbox kiosk and just enter the promo code during checkout. By doing so, you’ll get a one-day free rental. But keep in mind that this is valid only for a 1-day rental, and additional charges will be applied if you keep the game with you for more than one day.


Currently, Redbox is offering two free video game rental codes. You must first text a keyword to ‘727272’ to get these codes. The two keywords are: NOWPLAY (valid till 9th May, 2013) and GAMEKIDS (expiration date is unknown). For each keyword, you will get one code. When you text a keyword to ‘727272’, Redbox will send back a unique, single-use code to you via text message. Use this unique code at the Redbox kiosk and get a free video game rental in no time.

However, it’s just one of the several ways of getting free Redbox codes. You can get these codes in a few other ways too. Here are given six more ways you can use to get free Redbox codes. Go through these different methods and make sure that you are getting as many free codes as possible.

1, Play the Redbox Movie Matchup

Play the ‘Redbox Movie Matchup’ game on Facebook and you could win up to six free promo codes! So, what are you waiting for? Win free DVD/game rentals from Redbox while having fun.

2, Reserve Online and Get a Free Redbox Code

If you are new to Redbox, then this one is the easiest way of getting a free code. Simply create an account, reserve any redbox movie or game online, and then collect it from any one of the kiosks. You’ll have to pay for this one. But once you return the rental, you would receive a free credit applied to your Redbox account, and you can use this credit to grab your next Redbox rental for free.

3, Join the Redbox Text Club for Free Redbox Codes

By joining the Redbox Text Club, you can get one free Redbox code on the first Monday of every month. The Redbox team would text you the free code each month for a free 1-night Redbox rental. To join the Redbox Text Club simply text the word ‘SIGNUP’ to 727272.

4, Become a Facebook Fan of Redbox to Find Out About Free Redbox Codes

Redbox also offers a number of Facebook freebies. On their Facebook page, they often provide free codes for 1 night rentals. To get your free codes, you must become a fan of the Redbox’s Facebook page and also you should check your news feed regularly, as sometimes you’ll notice a wall update from Redbox declaring a new free code.

5, Refer Friends for Free Redbox Codes

Redbox supports a program called ‘Refer-A-Friend’, in which you can get free Rental codes just by sharing your love for Redbox with your loved ones. All you have to do is send your friends a referral link. When they rent online for the first time using your referral link, you’ll receive a free rental credit which you can utilize on a video game, Blu-ray, or DVD. Moreover, there’s no limit on how many friends you can refer.

6, Watch for Redbox Location Specific Free Redbox Codes

Many a times, you can also earn free Redbox rentals from the place where a kiosk is located at. This might be a convenience store, retail store, or a fast food restaurant. So, make sure to keep an eye out for them (i.e. free codes) on every sign, flyer, and even receipt that you see at these places.