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Follow the walkthrough instructions of the Sniper Assassin 5 game for playing the game without any difficulties. Sniper Assassin 5: Final Mission is the latest point and click sniper game on addictinggames which provide game with full walkthrough.

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In this game, Ben is dead. Shawn wants revenge, but he desires to shoot a bunch of people first. In the whole game, players will face total 13 missions, which become more and more difficult to play as the level of game rises. Before playing the game, read your mission assignments carefully.

Sniper Assassin 5 Walkthrough

Mission 1: At the beginning of the game, see four snipers on the roof that must be taken out.

Mission 2: Eliminate all snipers in the area.

Mission 3: In the third level, using your firearm to shoot all the men before they shoot you, and then remove all snipers in sight.

Mission 4: Take out all snipers and expect flexibility.


Mission 5: Shoot the green lights on all the bombs.

Mission 6: Demolish the car.

Mission 7: Take out all snipers and cover Macro’s back. There are total 3 enemies, who will tray to turn in and attack him from behind.

Mission 8: Shoot the pipe head on top of the guard who is standing on the roof. Shoot him in the head and see as his blood short-circuits the bullet proof window. Shoot the men inside then shoot everybody.

Mission 9: This mission lets a person to make a decision: either remove or save the leader. The next mission and ending sequence will depend on your choice.

Mission 10: Take out all the guards until you reach the end of the sewer where you will see a keycard.

Mission 11: Take out all of the guards and confirm to save as many policemen as possible.

Mission 12: 3 times hit on the Mr. J, but do not hit anyone else.

Mission 13: Shoot Lee, wait for him on one side of the tree, controlling your crosshair is actually hard as you are shot so following his movements will make it harder.

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