Star Wars Kinect Game Trailer Video & Review: Release Date in 2011


Microsoft Kinect has opened a different window of imagination for most of the gamers in the world. It was very common to see in fantasy fighter movies that the hero fights the villain with a light beam in hand but with Microsoft Kinect emerging from oblivion it is no more such huge fantasy. For all those who have played the star wars game must be well versed with the thrill that just seeing your favourite animation player fight with your opponents’ fills within you. What if those players become real? The star wars game on the Kinect is Microsoft try to bring the fantasy movies effects to life.

Star Wars Kinect Game Trailer Video - Star Wars Kinect Review: Release Date in 2011

Although the game is surely not going to be out in the wild till the very end of the next year it is no problem talking about the possibility of having such a game.  According to an interview given to the BBC Newsbeat, Kinect’s Creative Director Kudo Tsunoda confirmed it will still be a solid year before the LucasArts-developed Xbox 360 exclusive is released.


“We have a Kinect Star Wars game coming out for next holiday [Christmas 2011],” Tsunoda told Newsbeat. “I think you could easily imagine being a Jedi and using Kinect to make you feel you’re part of a Star Wars experience, building yourself up into a Jedi. I’ve seen a bunch of the game and it’s super compelling.”

However the game has made its appearances on the platform at various events in the past firstly the  Kinect Star Wars made an appearance at Microsoft’s bizarre Cirque du Soleil “Experience Project Natal” event and then later at the official Kinect E3 press release . In both events, an intense Star Wars battle was shown, revealing a third-person Jedi controlled by Kinect. It appeared to be an on-rails action game, with players wielding a light saber and force powers by waving their arms.

In addition to that, this Star Wars Kinect title will have “Ghostbusters devs terminal reality” coming along and you can be absolutely ascertained that this will be something that any Kinect gamers will die for considering that there are no Sci-Fi  type of games yet on the newly devised motion-based console, and the best one that we have seen so far is the Dance Central which some critics thought is still a little flawed.

The whole possibility of being able to hold a light tube in hand and fight in-front of a gaming console with my opponent just fills me with the excitement of the world. Although we are not sure how exactly the console for the game will be defined it surely is something that the gamers around the world are looking up to as far as the trailer videos are concerned they are seriously mouth watering.

We were pretty impressed with the trailers as we saw it how did you like wouldn’t you love to play the game on real time rather than on video gaming console do let us know of your views in the comments section below.

Star Wars Kinect Trailer Video at E3 2010

Kinect Star Wars Gameplay Trailer E3 2010