Top 10 Best iOS Games of the Year 2013


Curious to know what are the best iOS games of 2013? If yes…then you don’t need to wonder any other place because here we have given complete review of top 10 best iOS games of 2013 that you love to play.

Playing games is important for both adults and children…It’s not only entertain you but also cope with the problems of your business and daily life. It improves mental skill, and physical strength of a person. In this digital era, Smartphone and tablets have become very powerful, capable and versatile gaming machines. IOS is one of the best mobile gaming platforms. The year of 2013 has already proven to be an amazing time for new iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch games. Whether you are classic shoot-em-up gamer or just seeking something fun and simple to be relaxed, then nothing is better than iOS platform because it is loaded with ample of gaming application. Just connecting your iPhone with internet connection, you can play games with your friends, challenge people with quizzes, word games and show off your high score on Facebook. Curious what the best iPhone and iPad games of 2013 are? Here we have enlisted top 10 best iOS Games of this year.

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1, Ridiculous Fishing:

Are you fishing lover???? Then, you can now complete your hobby by playing a Ridiculous Fishing game on their iOS device. It is set with clever design, stained-glass window aesthetic, responsive motion controls, quirky vernacular, and ingenious power-ups that feel fresh, surprising and joyous. The entire game is supported with three tightly-woven mini games like casting the fishing line, catching fish, and shooting the fish in the air. Each day, player can cast their line into the water as deeply as possible to snag the largest amount of fish….as well as you can drag your catch through the ocean and send them flinging into the air so you can shoot them simply and easily by using pistols, rockets, and multi-touch semi-automatic weapons. You can purchase ridiculous upgrades by using your game point.


If you want to see the fish species that you have caught, then you have to purchase fis-o-pedia from the Misc category at the shop. Jelly fishes are dangerous for players that decrease your money if you shoot or capture them. There are total four stage and unlimited numbers of mode. The level of the game is little complicated, but with practice it becomes easier. The Gameplay loop of the Ridiculous Fishing is very straightforward, so you will be coming back until you have unlocked everything the app has to offer. However to enjoy the Ridiculous Fishing game on your iOS device, you have to spend $2.99.


Ridiculous Fishing Gameplay video:

2, Year Walk:

Year Walk is the best game for you if you love Horror Movie, Serials, Stories, etc…Bleak, minimal and absolutely unnerving. It is a good scary adventurous first-person puzzle game that allows players to navigate a dark forest, split into two-dimensional layers, Solve cryptic puzzles, etc. The game presents players with hard—but solvable—puzzles. Here you can play the game as a man, who begins journey simple walking through snowy wood.

Year walk is really fantastic experience that makes players stick for a while. It’s haunting mysterious and it is must-play for those willing to stomach the dark story it weaves. The puzzles or tasks of the game are hard enough to be challenging, but also easy enough to be fun-making for an ultimately rewarding experience. The game-design and creativity is unique and fully top-notch. If you are really looking for an atmospheric and thought-provoking puzzler, then it is really good option for you. Simple arrow gives moving instruction to make your journey easier and simpler.

The game based on the very old Swedish custom of ‘year walking’, which involves sitting in a room for 24 hours with nothing to eat or drink, before reaching at church. To reach at religious sanctuary safely, you have to avoid all dangerous creatures of the night. It’s smart, thrilling, and absolutely stunningly crafted, so enjoy it.

Year Walk Gameplay video:

3, Cut the Rope 2:

Cut the rope is all time favorite game on the mobile platform that is featured with challenging game play and lovable animation. Just few days before, it has launched second sequel of it (Cut the Rope 2) with greater emphasis on story, additional monster characters and a more dynamic environment. For the first time, player can work together with the main character of the game, “Om Nom”, with new challenges and game play essentials across 122 levels. Om Nom’s unexpected adventure is available on the app store at the price of $0.99. This time, Zepto has improved the formula with dynamic stages and new characters that assists its main character, Om Nom on his latest candy-filled adventure. It is also packed with 5 new locations, completely new graphics, and sound.

In this physics-based puzzle game, Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through busy cities, lush forests, pond, junkyards and underground tunnels to feed candy. Here, you can become a helper of Om Nom for cutting the rope of candy as well as control the additional monsters. All five new levels are set with new monsters – Roto, Lick, Blue, Toss and Boo, each of them has different ability. Roto is able to carry Om Nom to the best candy catching locations; Lick can create small bridges by using his tongue to help Om Mom to reach his goal; Blue is able to pick up Om Nom to new levels of candy hunting fun; Toss can fling objects, including candy; and Boo can scare Om Nom to fly to new elevation.

Each level is set with few changes in play, so it does not take more come across that all-important ‘eureka’ moment. It is really best and perfect game for both children and adults.


Cut the Rope 2 Gameplay video:

4, Limbo:

For the touchscreen, Limbo is perfect port of the original masterpiece? The idea, visual look, feeling, mood, atmosphere makes it perfect and pure genius game. Limbo is created with monochrome color palette, and offered with sombre, suffocating atmosphere that creates tension, fear and intrigue in equal measure. You can control and move the boy around just by touching anywhere on the screen. In this game, young boy is trapped in this dream world, locked away from the safety of reality. It is structured with dangerous creatures, hostile natives, and deadly traps. You can play the game as young child, who discovers himself lying on his back in a foreign land that is far from welcoming. It is structured with great graphic style, challenging puzzles and absolute terrifying events.

The Puzzles in Limbo are rarely difficult, and it’s very pleasing to understand and continue on your way. Limbo sends your young boy in to the side-scrolling shadows to solve a series of environmental puzzles and find out where is he? Without dialogue or instruction, the game pushes you in to the unknown adventure and the results are brilliant. It is available at the price of $4.99.


Limbo Gameplay video:

5, Knightmare Tower:

If you love simple game…then Knightmare Tower is really good gaming application for the game lover. It is structured with attractive graphics and proliferation of items to buy. Here you can play as a knight, who is charged with the task of rescuing a king’s many daughters. Knightmare Tower hooks you for over an hour and forces you to stop playing…so be careful while playing a game. The simple gameplay loop sticks people for a long time. It rewards timing and quick reflexes in equal measure.

Player must ascend a tower to save a series of captured princesses. To save a princess, you have to reach at certain height barrier. By killing beasties, you can increase power and energy. So, you have to keep killing to continue for increasing power. During a playing, you have to must concentration on your health because nasties will fire plasma balls or disclose deadly spikes just as you go in for a killstroke. You can purchase items like new weapons and armour, oil to lessen wind resistance from the store that will become helpful to you in your ascent.


6, Device 6:

Device 6 is a bizarre and wonderful interactive novel from Simog, which is recently converted in part-interactive fiction, part-puzzle game. In this game, Simogo is continually testing player with complicated riddles and conundrums. Device 6 is only playable with sound switched on. You can play device 6 game with the convention of games and text, twist story with geography, and combines both puzzle and novella. You don’t need to shoot or kill enemy during the game, but you have to read the each chapter and listen to leisure carefully for solving a puzzle.

Puzzles are set in six chapters…window cut in to screen display the story with related image and video, you just need to solve puzzle by utilizing what you have seen or learnt along the way. It is really different game, so it is difficult to describe or label within conventional game genres. It is simple yet complex at the same time. As per our choice, it is really good iOS game of 2013 than others. During the game play, it asks questions such as – Why are there two identical castles on the Island?, Who is the mysterious man in the bowler hat?, What is the purpose of the tests Anna is put through?, etc. You just have to find out the answer of the question just by reading a story. For enjoy this game, you have to spend $3.99 at app store.


7, Rayman Fiesta Run:

In 2013, endless-runner game has become more popular than others. From that Rayman Fiesta Run is good for iOS device. If you have enjoyed the first part of Rayman Jungle Run, then you will definitely appreciate its new wacky Fiesta world. The game has 75 stages…. Rayman have to run flat-out in a bid to gather Lums, free Teensies; small, glowing critters to boost power and other goodies. You have to tap touch screen to make Rayman jump, because rest of the items are controlled automatically.

Every part of the game can be handled with meticulous care. Character sprites and animations are really beautiful as well as each level is brought to life with bright colors and beautiful pictures. Each level takes just 4 to 5 minutes to complete it. Your gaming character, Rayman is able to jump, fly, punch and run up the walls. Now he can also slide, swim or shrink on the fly into a tiny hero. Rayman Fiesta Run is not free game, for it you have to spend $2.99.


Rayman Fiesta Run Gameplay video:

8, XCOM: Enemy Unknown:

The iOS version of the XCOM: Enemy Unknown game is more expensive than most of the other games that are available in app store. It is available at the price of $9.99. It is winner of the olden joysticks award for mobile game of the year. In this game, Earth’s governments join tighter to create best paramilitary organization aka XCOM. If you are playing game as a commander of XCOM, then you have to create a completely operational base, research alien technologies, plan battle missions, and guide solider in fierce battles against a terrifying alien invasion. While playing game, you can recruit and raise soldier, find out new weapons and technology, play randomly generated missions and use touch control to play the game. It’s really excellent game for both fans of the original and newcomers to the series.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gameplay video:

9, The Room 2:

The Room is really best iOS game for those, who like to discover things. There are so many puzzles divided in entire rooms. Each solved puzzle asks more questions and each twist of a screw reveals some new mystery that is impossible to neglect it. Thanks to the Room’s clever puzzles, gorgeous visuals, and spooky atmosphere that turns the simple premise in to a very forceful experience. The sequel of the room game is bigger, better, and more beautiful. Just like the first game, all puzzles are set in single location and task you with solving a series of connected puzzles. But compare to the first part, puzzles are more complicated.


The Room 2 Gameplay Video:

10, Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage:

It is an Angry Birds type game, in which chop up bits of ice to help you save some Viking explorers. It’s funny, thoughtful, and wonderfully inventive game, which gives more variety in one world. Use your icebreaking talents to resolve puzzles and cut your way throughout ice, rope, ice, rope, cannons, explosives, slime and… err… chickens to receive your clan back safely to the Viking longboat. It has 95 action-packed levels that are split in three different lands. You can use special god power to solve some difficult task as quickly as possible.


Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage Gameplay video: