Top 10 Games for Girls to play Online


Get ready, set, and play. All selected for their quality, top ten great online free games with brief description for Girls to play.

Top 10 Games for Girls to play Online

Around twenty years ago, there was a rule that girls didn’t play video games. There were surely exceptions but which were very few. But, ample girl gamers are in 2010 and who are not gamers are generally curious. All games are interesting where you can spend hours and hours making a perfect look.

List of Best 10 Online Games for Girls:


GirlSense is like Stardoll and best for younger girls. In this game, get your character and dress her in a lot of fashions and accessories. The graphics are actually nice and so easy to use.

When you will play, you can see new Girlsense Design Studio. Create your own fashions, select fabric, and color. You can do the level of control on kinda scary! You can set the mood of your avatar – what you are feeling in different expressions and facial features with the Faceplace function. Besides designing, there is also private and public chat on chatterbox.


In the community, creativity is really valued even more than on Stardoll and it is a great place to express yourself.

GirlSense Games for Girls – E-boutique Creatorvideo from youtube:

The Sims:

This game is really World of Warcraft for women in terms of addiction. ‘The Sims’ is all about people and relationships. It has no guns, no gore, and no reflex-based controls. It consists of love, puppies, homemaking, and fashion. Also, it includes excellent production values. Men beware: you may like this game.

The Sims 3 – Official Trailer video from Youtube:


Frenzoo is web community that lets you to create amazing fashions and 3D avatars for free. Your avatar is allowed to do animated catwalk poses or little dances with the use of graphics. Just install a plugin don’t reload your browser which is nice.

The best part of the game is to make your own 3D fashions and hairstyles like swimwear, cool dresses, punk costumes, emo looks whatever you like. This game is also for teenagers and older.

Make a sexy Bikini in Frenzoo avatar video from Youtube:

Mario Kart:

Everywhere, mostly girls love Mario Kart. It is on four separate consoles. You are ready if you have a Super Nintendo, a Nintendo 64, a Gamecube, or a Wii (which can actually play all the console versions). The Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS are having also their own versions of Mario Kart. And next time total three girls around, visit some Mario Kart and see what occurs.

Mario Kart Wii Trailer From Nintendo Europe video from Youtube:

Fashion Show:

A little girl nothing loves more than to dress up and playing make-believe. When girls become younger, they dress up mother’s closets and jewelry boxes for clothes, shoes and accessories. Dress up has moved from mom’s closet to the computer in today’s electronic based society where dress up games can go a lot further.

In this game, you can dress up the model in a wide range of outfits and accessories. Change the color of her eyes, hair and hairstyle to create a different model whenever you play. After completely dressed up, choose a runway for her to walk down. You can print and save the runway scene.


This game is like a cross between “Pachinko” and “Puzzle Bobble.” Peggle is obtainable on PC, Mac, DS, iPod, and Xbox 360. You may have access to the peculiarly simple and addictive ball-shooting game if you are a gamer. It is a very informal experience with sessions that can end as little as one minute however there is lots of Peggle” for the hardcore because it brags several very difficult challenges.

Peggle Trailer (PopCap) video from Youtube:

Dressup Challenge:

This game is great for teens as it is more edgy and pragmatic styling. In this game, design your avatar with tattoos, themed or alternative clothes and accessories like guitars, and cosmetic makeover.

A big part of the game is competitions as the name sounds. Members fight to be the best, eg- punk rock chic, with the best growing to the top. It is featured in the showcase for winners. It is a great option to some of the younger fashion games like Stardoll or Girlsense.

This website of game is one of the biggest sites for girls Keeping in mind to younger members, it is professionally made and well designed.

Set up a Barbie Girl avatar which has a unique style like a cartoon. Then continue to go shopping, mix and match, adorn your room with a range of furniture, visit the beauty salon and more. On the site, you can also make friends and socialize. Chatting is secure and moderated. Here get a large and successful company.

BarbieGirls fashion show and tour video from Youtube:

Rock Band:

Girls like to sing. They also like to make believe to be rock stars as everyone else. Rock Band offers outstanding multiplayer experience with everyone whether male or female. Generally, the track list is composed of rock tracks, but girls just can’t get enough with the recent expansion of “Country Rock Band.

Rock Band 3 E3 2010 Debut Trailer video from Youtube:


Farmville would be at the top if this is a ranked list because it includes more players than “World of Warcraft” (many of whom are girls). This is a deceptively simple farm-based game, encourages micro management and gift-giving. It is free and to played with all of their Facebook friends.

Farmville Gameplay video from Youtube:

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