Top 5 vTech Kids Innotab 2 tablet Games: Choose best software for Kids


The VTech InnoTab 2 is probably one of the best kid-friendly tablets available in the market. It has been designed specifically for children between the ages of 3 to 9 years, and is packed with many impressive features like rotating camera with video capture capabilities, video player, photo viewer, art studio, microphone, etc. that can keep a child duly entertained for hours. Using this tablet, kids can literally enjoy music, e-books, pictures, and videos on a huge 5-inch touchscreen while on-the-go. This superb tablet for children from VTech is currently available in two attractive colors – pink and blue – and they are offered for a very affordable price tag of just $69.

Top 5 vTech Kids Innotab 2 tablet Games: Choose best software for Kids

The highlight of the tablet is undoubtedly its rotating camera, which can capture both video as well as stills. Moreover, the camera software incorporated in it allows children to edit their pics with some crazy graphics, for example – placing their head on a cartoon rock star, vampire or adding other cool graphics such as hats and more. The tablet also features 2GB of internal memory, providing sufficient space for kids to store their favorite e-books, music, apps, and games that have been downloaded using the Wi-Fi feature.


Inclusion of features like e-reader, art studio, notes app, calculator, drawing and painting apps in this new-gen tablet can make the learning process much more interesting, interactive and fun for kids. In addition, the Learning Lodge Navigator (VTech’s download manager) has a big collection of useful educational apps that can be accessed through a secured Wi-Fi connection. Above all, the tablet comes with two cute styluses using which kids can easily take notes, create an address book, or draw pictures. It even has a built-in stand that slides out so children don’t have to hold the tablet every time they are using it. This kickstand feature comes in handy, particularly when a child is looking at e-books or listening to his/her favorite music.

The InnoTab 2 tablet is equipped with motion sensor, which allows your child to twist, tilt, and move the tablet in different directions. Hence, with the combination of a huge 5-inch touchscreen and the motion sensor, this tablet becomes a perfect device for kids to enjoy some great interactive games. The InnoTab 2 comes pre-loaded with one Games cartridge (in order to use it you need to first unlock the cartridge by putting it in the tablet and then plug it into the Learning Lodge), and this cartridge includes three applications – an ebook (What’s That Noise?), a game (Alien Rescue) and an activity (Colour and Pop). Plus, the tablet offers two free downloads from the Learning Lodge Navigator.

Of course, a huge collection of games are available for purchase online at VTech’s Learning Lodge Navigator site. Parents can easily download and upload these additional games to the InnoTab 2 device from there. Now, if you’re planning to purchase a new game for your kid’s InnoTab 2 device, then take a look at the game cartridges given below. These are the top-rated games offered by VTech. And the best part of these game cartridges is that they are quite affordable. You can readily purchase them for just $24.99.

1, Jack and the Never Land Pirates

Jack and the Never Land Pirates is one of the best game cartridges for kids from VTech. This software cartridge has three learning games with easy & hard levels and an e-book with 21 pages. Your child can even have some added fun with this cartridge’s creative activities that enable him/her to take crazy pictures of Captain Hook or decorate Bucky. The e-book contains a fun story along with a tool that acts as a kid-friendly dictionary so that children can easily discover the meaning of new words and thus improve their language skills while reading a story. In short, with the help of this software cartridge, your child can play along with his/her favorite pirate characters and simultaneously build skills in reading, creativity, logic, and much more! To download this superb game, click here.

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2, Disney Princess

With this software cartridge, little ones can enjoy three interactive learning games that help reinforce skills such as shapes, letters, and counting. Kids can also get access to an e-book that narrates two interesting stories – ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Cinderella and Prince Charming’ – with full-color animations and character voices, along with magical music & sound effects. For added interactivity, this e-book reader supports a pop-up dictionary which provides animated definitions of words found in the e-book. Furthermore, two creative activities permit kids to play and create with their favorite Disney Princesses, and they can even save their creations on InnoTab’s onboard memory or an SD card. Get this game cartridge from here.

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3, Team Umizoomi

Team Umizoomi is a fantastic game cartridge that can take learning to the next level. This cartridge contains 3 exciting learning games where kids can use the color touchscreen or tilt sensor of the device to play. Your little one will definitely have fun as they learn about counting, matching, sequencing, and more. There’s also an e-book in this cartridge which not only tells an exciting story but also features a pop-up dictionary that gives animated definitions of words used in the e-book. Last but not least, the creative activities included in the cartridge allow children to play and create with the famous Team Umizoomi characters. If your child is a fan of the Team Umizoomi Cartoon, then this cartridge is undoubtedly the perfect choice for him/her. To download this software, just click here.

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4, Thomas & Friends

Thomas & Friends is yet another superb game cartridge for InnoTab 2 users. It allows kids to join their favorite trains in three exciting learning games through which they can also build essential skills in colors, math, reading, creativity, and more! With this game cartridge, kids can also enjoy reading an e-book which contains not one but two different interesting stories. Furthermore, kids can have hours of fun with the software cartridge’s creative activities that enable them to create their own music video or create a story. And to make it more interesting for your child, the creative activity also features the famous Thomas songs from the TV series. Thus, there is no doubt that this Innotab software will be a superb purchase for your child. It’s definitely worth the money. You can download this game cartridge from here.

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5, Hello Kitty

Just like the other four game cartridges that are mentioned above, this one too includes three categories of Play: Reading, Learning Games, and Creativity. Your child will enjoy reading an e-book – “Hello Kitty’s Surprise,” which narrates how Hello Kitty spent her birthday. This e-book also supports a dictionary through which your little ones can find out the meaning of the unfamiliar words. Your child can even join in Kitty’s birthday celebration and play any of the three learning games. As your kid plays with his/her favorite Hello Kitty in these games, they’ll also develop some important skills in memorization, simple addition, counting, and musical instruments. Moreover, this software cartridge includes two creative activities, which enable children to have fun by doing some crazy interesting stuff like making a Hello Kitty greeting card, adding their own pictures into a digital Hello Kitty photo album, etc. And so if your child is a fan of Hello Kitty, then this game cartridge is certainly worth a buy!

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