Top Apple iOS Games missing in Android


Apple iOS games are always there to excite the game lovers. Learn more about the games that are available in Apple iOS Games but missing in Android.

Being innovative mobile manufacturer, Apple is always there on the list. Apple was always there to rule over the mind of people with its fabulous game collection. When it comes to choosing an android phone or iOS phone, it becomes really difficult as both have their own specialties and they are main players in the mobile industry. In case of games, Apple is always ahead of android. An interested game should be full of excitements so that the player would be totally immersed in the game. These are some of the features, which attract game lovers towards Apple iOS. Thus, bulky customers’ attraction towards Apple is its super-exciting games. With your Top Apple iOS Games, your friends may get jealous of you for having such exciting games in your Apple iOS mobile phone that aren’t available even at the rival Android platform.

the aliens' enemies in game XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Following are some of the games which are missing in iOS:

Call of Duty Strike Team:

One of the most popular games, Call of Duty Strike Team, is available in Apple but not in android phone. The scene in the game is about the year 2020; and in this, the main duty of the player is to fight against a terrorist organization. This game stands out of other COD. The main role of the player is to control a two men strike team. The mission in the game is interested and the player has two modes i.e. campaign and survival modes. With every complete mission the level and experience will increase. In this game, it is easy to control the movement of your soldiers. The mission in the game adds more charm in the game. Unlike other call of duty the scene and actions in the game are outstanding.


One of the bottom lines of the game is that it does not facilitate multiplayer options. While this game is much better than Call of Duty Zombies and other call of duty. Just like other COD games, there has been much improvement in designs, weapons, animated characters and missions. So here, all the Android users are at a loss as they will miss this superb game.

Trigger Fist:

It is one of the best games on the iOS. This game is the best for those who love shooting. Do you love goat? If not, still here you have to save the goat as the main objective in the game. The game consists of many players which includes terrorist, a goat to whom you need to protect. The multiplayer option is also available; even if you don’t have anyone with you, you can play online. There are many different levels in the game. Each level is brilliantly designed and different game modes offer the different thrill in each level. Sometime you have to carry the goat on your shoulder; and doing this, you have to use your pistol. Even if you die in between, then anyone else from your team can carry the goat on the shoulder. Saving goat is one of very thing to do in the game.

The type of the weapons shown in the game is really eye-catching. Go, play and save the goat.

Trigger fist game for iOS

Infinity Blade 3:

After two successful parts of Infinity Blade, third part to come is Infinity Blade 3 with some new twists and turns. The game begins by revising the short history with the two previous parts of Infinity Blade. Siris and Isa are the two characters of Infinity Blade 3. The technical aspect of the game is simply fabulous with the beautiful graphics. Both Siris and Isa have its own style of fighting. All level of the game has something unique. The main aim of the game is the same as was earlier – to reach the main boss but you have to face all other massive enemies before that.

Overall the game is one of the best games of iOS with some of the great action. The third series of the game is more adventurous as compared to the previous two. Here Android phone users are at a loss, as they miss such a wonderful game.

Injustice: Gods among Us

Like in a Superhero movie, where hero saves all the innocent people from the harsh and cruel villain; in the same way, our super hero does the same in Injustice: Gods among Us. The game begins after you select the character of your choice. After certain level, you will be able to add some qualities in your characters. Before finally fighting with the main villain, the superhero has to kill other enemies which will stop him to accomplish the mission. The game is simple to play yet full of fun. After certain stages, you will be able to unlock the some icons. Although there is no important storyline, still it is enjoying and a good source of time pass.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days

If you are really adventurous person who loves to read about zombies, then here is a game for you. Again the Zombie has come to entertain us. Walking dead is among the best games in iOS. The characters in the game are all new and have the interesting storyline. The game is connected with several stories. In this game, there are total five stories. Here the player has the choice to play in order or it could be change. Each character in the game has its own sad story. The expression of the character is wonderful. It is a wonderful game to play.

a character in the walking dead 400 days iOS's game

Resident Evil 4:

The bravery game Resident evil 4 is there on iOS to entertain you. The graphics of the game are very effective. As here you have to fight against many enemies at a time. The game includes many interesting stories, actions, dialogue, and most fearful enemies. There are very limited numbers of bullets and therefore the player has to use it very intelligently. There are 12 missions in the game and with every mission, you will encounter with different enemies. But here, you may find the story line bit incomplete. It is the complete package of fighting, shooting and more challenges.

Year Walk:

It is one of the best scary games in the iOS. The game promises you to give the good scare. The sound of the game is superbly horrible. The player has to make the way in the night and have to solve some puzzles. In between the journey, you will find a girlfriend. The graphics of the game are awesome, which includes scary ghosts, tall trees, blood trail, dark shadows. The sound of the footsteps, howling wind, echoes sound gives you a real feeling of the ghostly environment. The game developer has tried to give a real effect to the game. It is one of the hard games, but it can be made easy with best tricks.

Here the android users are at a loss, as they miss such a scary game on their mobile phone which the iOS users can enjoy.

Gemini Rue:

The story of the game is based on the old fashion. The visual style of the game is the retro style. It is the story of a guy who is in search of his brother; in that time, he has to face many difficulties. The main strong point of the story is there twists and turns. The game includes another story of a mysterious man who has no idea that how he trapped in the problem. The background, building, rain, grimy feeling and voice quality are everything that simply perfect. The puzzle in the game is one of its strong points. Those who love some suspension; for them, this is the best game.

Deus Ex: The Fall

Playing this game will give you feeling that you are watching some of the thrilling and suspense movie. The facial expressions of the characters are marvelous. In this; you are a person called Ben Saxon, who works for a paramilitary group. You have to search for anti-rejection drug Neuropozyne. The game will carry you from Human Revolution to the city hubs. This game is really exciting to play. The graphics of the game are really good with its normal sound effects. The game is easy to play and control.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Whether it is a movie or a carton show, the alien always rule over the heart of the people with their immense power and super body features. Then, how iOS lags behind? Here in the game; you are the main commander of XCOM an organization, which is created by the earth government in order to protect from the alien enemies. Here you are the main hero, whose task is to investigate about the alien technology, leading the team. This game is quite interested; as an XCOM commander, it is your responsibility to recruit the new soldiers, complete many thrilling missions, and lots more. The game will give you feeling of a real commander.

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