Zen Bound 2 Review: Now universal as iPhone and iPad Game App


There are so many games available for the iPhone, but it seems none have claimed as much praise and love as the Zen Bound. And now, the sequel to this game called the Zen Bound 2 has come up for the iPhone and iPad, and is available from the iTunes app store. The app has been termed as “the sensational sequel to the most critically acclaimed iPhone game ever.”

Zen Bound 2 Review: Zen Bound 2 universal for iPhone and iPad

As we already have been expecting that any sequel means something added, something bigger and better (most of the times), and it does seem true even for the Zen Bound 2 app. The game app has gone through a lot of additions and deletions in the process of improving on the step towards making the game a better one than the previous. Included with more beauty than before, the Zen Bound 2 is coming with over 100 levels, new gameplay modes with paint bombs.

Coming up with 45-minute soundtrack from ‘Ghost Monkey’, the Zen Bound 2 game app is being called the universal app. The reason for this claim is that the app will provide for scaling with perfection to all devices running iOS 3.1 or newer. The app shall ply on the Retina Display and Gyro sensor support and is to be introducing a new genre of gameplay with improved graphics on 3rd generation and newer devices (fancy shaders, beautiful lighting). The app also shall support Game Center achievements.


Zen Bound 2 for iPhone

Now, let us know what exactly the app is about. Zen Bound 2 is said to be a meditative puzzle game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures. Being a tactile game, the app has placed the main focus on making rope, wood and stone look and feel real and believable. Apart from this, there is the dusty and soothing atmosphere which shall imply a combination of beautiful visuals and a unique down-tempo soundtrack. All the levels from the original Zen Bound have been included in the new gameplay, and are even coming with visual upgrades, some with new gameplay. Some of the new levels included in the sequel include Tree of Tribute, which actually features guest stars from independently developed iPhone games.

Some of the awards which have been won by the Zen Bound include “iPhone Game of the Year” by Macworld, “Best iPhone Game” by IGF Mobile 2009, “Audio Achievement” by IGF Mobile 2009, “Excellence in 3D” by IMGA, “Award for Visual Excellence” by Best of IGN 2009, “Award for Excellence in Sound” by Best of IGN 2009 and “Most Innovative Game” by Pocket Gamer Awards 2010. This does make this game quite a popular and a sought after one.

With so many awards which have been won by Zen Bounds, it seems that the game is a must try for all the iPhone users and the iPhone lovers. With the capability of making the players addicted to the game, Zen Bound 2 for iPad is surely going to excel in the genre of gameplay. So, go ahead and enjoy the quality within.

  • Kendall

    i loved zen bound for the iphone, nd dis will be one of my first purchases once i can get my hands on an ipad in d uk.