5 Best websites to listen free music online


Music is no more costly now. You can find various websites where you can Hear music for free and legal. Find out best five websites to listen it free.

1. Last.fm

Screenshot of last.fm

Last.fm is a free online music website that lets you play full tracks and customize your play list yourself as per your own unique tastes. From this website, you can share music with people who have same tastes, by joining the community and making new friends.

At Last.fm, you can search for music by Artists, Albums, Tracks, Tags and Labels, etc. You will also find old song list from 60′s and 70′s. From Last.fm, you will not only listen to free music but also download to wide range of MP3′s for free.


It has broad range of features that consist of music and video streaming, custom playlist creation, uploading your photos, social networking, etc. By sign up and download The Scrobbler on Last.fm, members are eligible to find more music related to the songs you play. It allows you add tracks to your Last.fm playlist while listening to music on your computer or iPod by a small widget download. There is also a short artist overview and related music available for each song plays.

2. Grooveshark.com

Screenshot of grooveshark.com

Grooveshark is a best free online music website, where you can upload music and share it with others and listen music uploaded by others. On its great music search engine, you can search and browse all type of free music. Besides more “underground” artist, it provides well-known commercial music.

To work properly in the web browser, Grooveshark requires Java 1.6. With the help of this, all music collection can be easily uploaded on Grooveshark to listen remotely. It has community of music listeners that helps you to find new artists and songs on this music sharing website. All of you can download music that you listen on the website without any restrictions.

It is easy to create playlists in Grooveshark, all you need is to drag song in to the Playlist, and then it will be automatically added. The user can also create a special list, called Favorites List that consists of the all-times best songs of a user. The most played songs on Grooveshark are maintained and displayed in popular Playlist.

3. Maestro.fm

Screenshot of maestro.fm

Maestro.fm is an online music community, which provides the possibility of searching for new song, connect with friends and share playlists. It also allows you to create your own digital music library by remote storage. With its free streaming, you can access your all music collection from any web browser wherever and whenever you want and able to listen playlists and songs from other music lover storage.

It has the newest cloud computing, where you can store music, to play and share with your friends. For this, all you need is web browser compatible with Maestro.fm. Its wide range of features includes playlists, discovery, charts and community, etc. Discover new sounds and new songs that separate the Maestro.fm charts, search artists, DJs, and playlists on Maestro.fm.

4. MP3.com

Screenshot of www.mp3.com

MP3.com is a legal, free music-sharing service, which has a section for free music, where you can play and download paid music as well as free music. It is the best website for downloading music from their collection of free tracks. In the free section, some of the tracks are available from famous small and large artists.

It is maintained by CNET Networks. From MP3.com, you will get all the information about digital music and artists, songs, services, community, and technologies. Create mp3 account, to listen free music at MP3.com.

5. Deezer.com

Screenshot of www.deezer.com

Deezer is a free and legal music services, launched on August 24, 2007. It is based in Paris, France. For MP3 music collection, it offers an extensive amount of storage space. However, you can not upload10Mb MP3 files.

On the deezer.com, there are many features that provide ability to create blind tests, where one or more song is played, etc. You can present yourselves, copy or share playlists with other members or add other members to your friend list on your blog page. Mail feature is available for the members, which allows them to chat with other members and for non-members, it displays recent music news.

It has on-demand streaming audio service that allows you to listen music from everywhere in the world. Create and share playlists with the Deezer community and make Deezer radio stations for other members are the advantage on Deezer.

By listening a variety of web radio channels that Deezer offers, you can discover new music and artists. To remain in the loop of all your favorite music, join the Deezer community and participate in the forums. You can search for the music that you want to listen by artist or the title from the built-in site search bar.

Some Other websites to listen free music online:

  • MusicPlayer.fm (link)
  • New.music.yahoo.com (link)
  • Thesixtyone.com (link)
  • Spinjay.com (link)
  • Songza.com (link)
  • Pandora.com (link)
  • Musicovery.com (link)
  • Mybloop.com (link)
  • Shuffler.fm (link)
  • Playlistnow.fm