Samsung Milk Music – New free Radio streaming service for Galaxy Users


Samsung has entered the already crowded Music streaming market with an ad-free radio streaming service designed for Galaxy phones, called Milk Music.

In terms of music and radio streaming services, there are lots of options available including Spotify, Pandora, Apple’s iTunes Radio, recently-released Beats Music, and now Samsung also joins the Internet radio wars with ‘Milk Music.’ It is an ad-free internet radio service that can be downloaded for free via Google Play for your devices – Samsung Galaxy S4, the S4 Mini, the S3, the Galaxy Note 2, the Note 3, the Galaxy Mega, and the upcoming Galaxy S5. It is US-based for now that speedily took market share in digital music with 11 million unique visitors in its first three days, last fall.

Samsung Milk Music streaming service

Don’t get confused between Samsung’s existing Music Hub subscription service and Milk Music, as both are completely separate applications. Milk is focused more as a free radio service that can be used without need to set up an account. You can either follow 200 different musical genre stations or simply make your own. Milk includes a library showing off more than 13 million songs; however the collection belongs to Slacker Radio.


How it works?

Registration is not required to get started the use of the service. Milk Music has a unique and refreshing user interface i.e. a big dial with genres all around it. By spinning the dial, you choose the genre you wish to listen to, in return, you get pleasant feedback. The circular control lets you tune various genres and sub-genres, and favorites can get tweaked further through three sliders that are called from the bottom of the interface that let you to adjust how freshly music has been released, how famous it is and how familiarly it supports to your favorite track history. You can also create your own radio stations based on artists and songs. You can skip upto 6 songs every hour, per individual station.

There is also a Fine-Tune Station feature that lets you adjust the genre-based station according to popularity, novelty and favorite tracks from artists. A Spotlight feature provides a continuous curated variety of songs and albums selected by music tastemakers and influencers.

The Korean tech giant will offer special music programming from top-selling and emerging music artists through Milk Music soon. Note that there is no option for offline caching as it’s just an online service, however it will cache the first eight seconds of your stations so you can begin playing music right away. Currently, the service is only available in the US, so sorry international readers.


  • Service is free to download at the Google Play Store for US people
  • A new ‘dial design’ offers more fun and intuitive way of music listening
  • Access 200 different genre-based stations
  • A huge library of over 13 million songs
  • Service is completely ad-free (for now at least)
  • No registration or set-up needed
  • You can create personal stations as per your favorite songs and albums
  • Fine-Tune Station feature lets you to adjust the genre-based station as per popularity, novelty and song favorites
  • Spotlight feature offers curated song selection


  • Only works on Samsung’s Galaxy line of phones
  • Flow of music is unlimited, though you can’t skip more than 6 times per hour

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