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A music search engine – Tunefind helps you find your favorite music appearing on well-known television shows and movies, so just head over to right now.

Have you ever been crazy about a music played during your favorite show? Many times it happens that you listen to music either on a TV show or movie, and you liked it, but real trouble occurs when you couldn’t remember name of the song. This thing happens with many of us, and we really feel frustrating that music in our head is being repeated for few days and we don’t even recognize it. Don’t be upset, as here is your solution –, a community generated site that connects TV episodes, movies and songs. Check out Tunefind website that eases your search of the music you liked, the same lessens irritation that comes with repeating the music over and over again.

find your favorite music and song from tv shows and movies

TuneFind is filled with a database of songs and artists, many of which have scene descriptions to assist you more easily pinpoint the song you are looking for. On the homepage, you will be able to find your music under the Recent shows and Recently added movies section. You will also get the list of popular songs, new on TV this week, recent users, and recent questions. Moreover, you can create an account on the site through Facebook and put in your own scene descriptions to songs that haven’t been archived yet.


As Tunefind is straightforward to use, it can accelerate the recognition of songs considerably for you. It not only has a broad frequently updated database, but also an active user base that contributes to the site. All of songs provided on Tunefind come from their users; people passionate about song or TV, or both. Once a song is being submitted by the Tunefind user, it will be verified by the whole Tunefind community, who can vote submissions as correct or incorrect. Though the service is not quite cutting edge, it’s a helpful resource and could stop the flow of ‘what was that music…?’

Registration is available free to get started the use of Tunefind. All you need to do is enter the name of the show/movie in the search box on the site and wait for the results. You can take a look at TV shows/movies, which are accessible by season and then by episode, so that you easily get the information to search the song you are looking for. The service is very up to date with the listings; consequently, you will get here the latest episodes of your TV show as soon as they have aired. Little colored icons (green and red) next to songs will let you know whether the song has been confirmed correct or not by the Tunefind community.

Registered users can ask questions about songs. This can be helpful if a song is not listed yet under the songs listing, or if you want to know more about it. You will be happy to know that you don’t have to visit another site to listen to music samples. Here, each song used by a TV show or movie is associated as a preview right on Tunefind so that users can preview them in fast series to get the one they search for.

Good points:

  • Online directory of music heard on movies or Television shows
  • Find, listen to, and download new music for free
  • Recent shows and recently added movies are displayed on the homepage
  • All content is submitted and validated by Tunefind users
  • Registered users can ask questions about songs
  • Service is very up to date with the song listings