4 Amazing Benefits of Infrared Sauna You Need to Know


We all here of the relaxing benefits of taking a sauna.  The heat opens up the pores and gets the body sweating.  But it is not just the soothing relaxation of a sauna that is important.  A sauna has many health benefits including detoxification, improving the skin, preventing disease, and even lower blood pressure.  There is an alternative to a stream sauna that can get you these benefits in a healthy manner.  An infrared sauna can be a great way to get all the benefits of a sauna heat at a lower temperature than a steam sauna.  And it can do so in as little as 20 minutes a day.

Benefits of Infrared Sauna

An infrared sauna uses radiant heat, the same heat used in hospitals to warm newborn babies, so you know it’s safe.  In fact, it is the same heat that one gets from the sun, so think of it as getting the same benefits that you get from walking on a warm day.  Radiant heat is said to be more effective than traditional saunas because it penetrates the skin better.

Many of the health benefits of a sauna are based on its ability to sweat out toxins.  Because an infrared sauna goes deeper into the skin, it does a better job of releasing toxins.  Furthermore it does so at a lower temperature, which means the benefits are available to more people including those who do not like the extreme heat of a conventional sauna which uses forced air or steam.


1. Detoxing

Detoxing the body is an important part of improving one’s health.  The body has heavy metals that are removed through the skin.  The average body has about 700 pollutants.  The body’s natural ability to remove these toxins is strong but limited.  An infrared sauna can assist in cleansing the body.

2. Burning Calories and Increasing Circulation

Sauna has the ability to help you burn calories while you are sitting.  While you are relaxing in the sauna, the temperature will force your heart-rate to increase.  This will force your heart rate up and, in turn, after a half hour sitting, one can lose up to 600 calories.

The increase in circulation is not only good for burning calories.  The higher temperature should increase the heart rate the same as one would get from moderate exercise.  This increase in heart rate will help push blood through the arteries at a better rate and improve blood vessels.  This should help to lower blood pressure.

This increase circulation has additional benefits for your immune system as your circulation increases, so will the increase in white blood cells in your immune system.  These white blood cells will be a great defense against disease.  It is said that, if you feel a disease such as a cold or flu coming on, you can fight it by taking a sauna.   (That would be a relaxing remedy that’s certainly worth a try)!

3. Relieving Stress and Improving Muscles

An infrared sauna can help in relieving stress.   It assists in balancing cortisol within the body, which is the chief stress hormone.  Stress is a part of life and the body’s reaction to it is fine at a reasonable rate. However, a sauna can assist in controlling that reaction (or overreaction).  In a day-to-day living we run into situations where our stress levels are raised and cortisol is released.  When this occurs, the cortisol remains high long after the incident is over.  By using a sauna, the level is raised only during the sauna and reduces after leaving the sauna, setting a new baseline for the body at a lower level.

The infrared sauna is also a great way to relax muscles.  As the heat works its way into your body, it will help the proper nutrient get to your muscles and joints while removing the unnecessary byproducts.

4. Better Skin

As a sauna warms the skin, it also improves it.  The heat opens up your pores and releases the toxins from them.  You will feel the effects on your skin as it appears smoother and younger.

Making the Decision

There are many benefits to using an infrared sauna.  It will improve circulation, help relieve stress, help you immune system, and improve your skin and muscles.  Before endeavoring into this new regimen, you should consult a physician for an all clear.  Once you get the okay, you should find the infrared that works for you.  You can find a gym or spa that has an infrared on site.  Or you may want to get one for the home, so that you can get the full effects on a regular basis without leaving the house.  A unit can start under a $1,000 and a deluxe unit can go for around $2,000.  This is a definite financial commitment, but it is also a commitment to your health.