Android Apps for Better Sleep


Many people face the problem in sleeping a few nights each week and many people awaken some mornings with the feeling of rotten, tired and desire to go back to bed. Some ways are provided in lifestyle magazines and blogs to make people’s sleep better and they feel better in the next morning. Some Android apps help people in beating sleeplessness, analyze their personal sleep cycle and awaken quietly and comfortably the next morning. These apps work with or without headphones, but people need to grab a set of headphones for listening without any difficulty.
Android Apps for Better Sleep

Choose Your Own Music Sleep App

Free app

Sleep Music:

Sleep Music is a simple, free app by which users are allowed to use their own music to go to sleep. The volume is gradually reduced until it is muted by this app so users can fall asleep devoid of the requirement to fiddle with their phone right as they go to sleep. Users can register their preferred tune to get help in their sound sleep.

Ambient Noise Android Sleep Apps

Free apps

Thunderstorm Sleep sound:

Thunderstorm Sleep sound is a free app and users can get help in drifting away with the noises of thunderstorms, rain, etc. This app contains actual sounds and does not contain loops. Sound of this app is good but users can not stop it. The option to stop is required on all these kinds of apps from Moz. Headphone is required in this app that supports External SD. Users need to set the arrow timer to start sound. This app is absolutely relaxing. If users are feeling stressed, overworked, or just tired, not satisfied with life and want to sleep better, then they need to apply this app and leave all the pains behind.

Sleep Dream Relax:

Sleep Dream Relax is a free and dream app. Users can get help in relaxing and sleeping with this app because this app delivers relaxing sounds. It also supports external SD and requires headphone. Users have to set the arrow timer to begin sound. It is absolutely relaxing.

Deep Sleep:

Deep Sleep is a free app and provides a state of deep sleep quicker so users can awaken more refreshed. Users can not hear any noise from outside when they use this app. Users can go in the depth of sleep after 15 minutes of listening.


Paid Apps

Sound A Sleep:

This simple-to-use interface app is available at $99. Users can get help in better sleeping because an especially processed, varied set of sounds, which imitate the time dilation (things seem to slow down) and time dispersion (things seem to become less distinct) that happens in the sleepy state, is provided by this app. Users can get help in restful sleep whether they are at home or on the road by this app.

Epic Sleep ULTRA Pro:

This app is available at $1.03. Epic Sleep Ultra app has super high quality sounds that do not have a repetitive and perceptible loop cycle so users can get the best sleep of their life. The high quality sounds are “thunder storm”, “rainforest”, “rain”, “white noise”, “city”, “beach” “heart beat”, and “delta sleep induction” that are systematically confirmed to help the brain drift into a relaxed and tired state.

Sleep Now:

This app is available at $1.41. Sleep Now app has 12 sounds such as heartbeat, beach, etc. Users can also insert their own music to the mix and select from modes such as relax, sleep, wake up, etc. Sleep Now app is ideal for sleeping, while travelling or at home, school or work. Users can get fine-tune the length of sleep with this app because this can detect.

Pure Sleep | AmbiScience:

Pure Sleep | AmbiScience is available at $1.99. This app is one of the most feature rich apps and including Noises, long tracks, nature sounds and Binaural tracks to help users in relaxing and sleeping. Users will be taken on a sonic voyage with a combination of ambient electronica and various effective programs that attune users’ brain to wanted states of mind by using the BEST entrainment frequencies with this app. This app tunes users’ mind to help in deeply sleeping. This app contains Isochronic and Binaural entrainment in one and with unmatched ambient music.

Relax and Sleep Plus:

Relax and Sleep Plus app is available at $2.04. Users can select from over 35 ambient noises and mix them together for the sleep sound that works great for better sleeping. This app supports the development of the free relax and sleep application. It expands to 12 preset slots and gives preset slots a name.

Brainwave / Meditation Android Sleep Apps

Free Apps

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep:

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep is a free app and it utilizes low speed Alpha waves to comfort users’ mind and help in better sleeping. This app has a sound mixer, 8 music pieces, and 12 ambient sounds thus users can select and combine ambient noise as well as create their own fantastic scenes. This app raises sleep quality and relaxed state of users.

Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition:

Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition is a free app by which users are allowed for self hypnotizing them to beat sleeplessness. 5 hypnosis tracks and 3 BGM are provided by this app for diverse hypnotic sessions made for specified requirements. Users can select and sequence the specific helpful tracks as well as customize their own hypnotic sessions with this app. Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition includes numerous superior hypnosis technologies for providing best results.

Paid Apps

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson:

Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson is available at $2.99. This app includes relaxing guided meditation application to provide best sleeping. This relaxing guided meditation app is planned to clear users’ mind and allow them to get deep restful sleep. Andrew Johnson’s apps have been utilized by thousands of people on the iPhone and Android to improve and enhance their lives.

Sonic Sleep Brainwave Audio:

Sonic Sleep Brainwave Audio is available at $4.99. PsimatiX proprietary brainwave audio technology powers Sonic Sleep to fight with sleeplessness. This powerful app includes tranquil sound to provide users peaceful, and restful sleep. This app was made to help users in falling asleep rapidly and simply by carrying their body into deep physical relaxation, and totally soothing their mind, by entering into a dreamy feeling that guides naturally into peaceful, restful sleep.

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