Benefits of Red Led Light Therapy


Red LED Light Therapy – also called LED red light, LED blue light, LED light therapy and LED treatments, is fast becoming a revolution in health care and is used in clinics, spas and doctor’s offices across the world for treatment of a huge number of skin conditions. Moreover, it has been used by NASA, the US Army as well as professional athletes since decades for fast healing of injuries. These days it has become popular as one of the most effectual and non-invasive ways to help rejuvenate and repair the skin. Red Led Light Therapy was first discovered by NASA, and it has several benefits and uses, plus less risks and side effects. Now let’s check out here the health benefits of red light therapy.

Benefits of Red Led Light Therapy

The number of traditional tanning salons that provides red light therapy beds is increasing day by day, however the treatments are generally costly and you have to schedule appointments and go to the location, which can be an incredibly complex and expensive for busy people. Luckily, now you can do this efficient technology (Red Led Light Therapy) in the comfort of your own house, thanks to research and advancements. Get your own red light therapy home device, and enjoy the same advantages at a low price too.

Red Led Light Therapy is risk-free alternative to all types of skin problems, skin appearance and proven to be helpful for all kinds of pain. LED (Light Emitting Diodes) therapy is known for the treatments of healing wounds and improving skin diseases like eczema. When coming to the use of led red light therapy for wrinkle reduction, it helps to keep the signs of aging at bay. This breakthrough treatment activates cells, which assists them create collagen and elastin, the building blocks for youthful, supple and healthy-looking skin. As well, this therapy helps with skin circulation, which results in the formation of newer skin cells.


It is a painless, even relaxing skin-care treatment that uses LED to emit the light. It is carried out with panels of red and/or infrared lights that provide low-level pulses of light up to 3 times brighter than the sun in order to activate skin cells. This therapy entails usage of both infra red light and ultra violet light. As per various studies, skin exposed to LED light wavelengths grows 150-200% faster; and the best wavelengths for LED light therapy include: 610 – 625, 660 – 690, 750 – 770 and 815 – 860 nm.

LED is good alternative to Laser treatment and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

The major difference between the LED light therapy and laser light therapy is in the gadget that produces the light. In both cases the light emitted is the same; however LED lights are able to generate more light over time compared to a laser, albeit they utilize less energy. Light therapy takes benefit of the sensitivity of a few cells to the light for getting its effects. LED treatments are painless, cool as well as relaxing; also carry no threat of burning unlike IPL or laser treatments. Laser treatments are also able to treat a number of the same skin conditions as LED light therapy, including stretch marks, facial wrinkles, and acne scars; but lasers can be invasive and painful also limited to treating just particular skin types effectively. An IPL treatment provides a bright flash of light at very high energy levels through a hand-held gadget, it can be painful too.

IPL treatment generates heat, and Laser treatment has a high heat-emitting property that could harm viable tissue also it can be hard to acquire uniform irradiation of the skin with a laser. On the other hand, LED light therapy has a low heat-emitting property and enables uniform irradiation. People who want to boost collagen or treat acne should prefer LED treatments and if you want to treat broken capillaries, brown spots, spider veins, and diffused facial redness, then opt IPL treatment.

Different Benefits of Red Led Light Therapy

There are lots of benefits of Red led light therapy such as shrinking pores, reducing wrinkles, diminishing scars, accelerating healing, relieving pain, and aiding with injuries. LED therapy is being used by NASA in order to treat muscle and bone atrophy and reduced healing of wounds in astronauts. Moreover, US Navy uses LED therapy on deep sea submarines, while top cancer treatment specialists uses LED lights to trigger light-sensitive cancer treatment pills and having excellent effects in fighting unapproachable brain tumors. LED therapy is also developing the treatment of chemotherapy side effects like harsh mouth sores and lesions.

For Skin Problems:

  • Acne scars
  • Burns
  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Rosacea
  • Athlete’s foot

For Skin Rejuvenation:

  • Anti-aging
  • Blemishes and redness
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Tightening and firming (non-surgical face lift choice)
  • Age spots and hyper pigmentation on hands, face, neck

For Pain Relief:

  • Inflammation
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle related back pain
  • Pulled and strained muscles, Muscle spasms
  • Herniated and bulging discs
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Nerve injuries
  • Sports injuries – Bone fractures and chips, tennis elbow, sprains, and more

LED light therapy doesn’t help in the following conditions:

  • Infection
  • Headache
  • Bunion reduction
  • Any injury too deep
  • Reverse osteoarthritis bone deformation