Coconut Oil health Benefits


Sea is source of many Nutrition and feed to all living species. Coconuts are fulfilled with lots of minerals and nutrition from the sea water. This tropical fruit plays unique role in the diets of mankind. They are source of important physiologically functional components. Coconut is leader in source of caloric energy in compare to all other fruits. It was considered as cholesterol riche food, but it was proved healthy and good for diet.

Coconut Oil health Benefits

Its provides energy , the raw material for anti-microbial fatty acids and monoglycerides . Desiccated coconut is about 69% coconut fat and creamed coconut 24% around. Doctors are using coconut oil for in treating various medical complications. Ayurveda consider it as a divine plant with healing properties. Some source also suggests that it can help to reduce caffeine intake by providing instant energy while eating.


In India, coconuts are produced and used widely on the coastal area mostly in south India. Coconut oil exacted from desiccated coconut(Also known as copra). Oil is famous as hair oil & nowadays it is also used as edible oil. The valuable properties of the oil are antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial and soothing.

Following are benefits of coconut Oil

Coconut for Weight loss:- Due some medium- chain fatty acids are directly absorbed by the liver and transformed into energy, not circulating in the blood stream.Coconut oil can also increase metabolism rate, so eventually decrease your fat deposits and helps you to loss some weight.

For Heart syndrome:- Coconut oil is Good for fitness of a person due to is vast quantity of unsaturated fats presents in oil , are not increases LDL level. Its also cure From atherosclerosis and the 47.5% content of lauric acid fights high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure..

For Digestive System:- Most importance difference between coconut oil and other oil is medium chain triglycerides, which can be easily digested and metabolized. Configuration of Lipoprotein ,fats, hormones and bile are reason of good digestion . As coconut is qualified to have good for metabolism system which, it aid in get rid of bacteria and make sure healthy digestion. Its helps to solve medical problem related to stomach.

For Skin benefits:- Various study has proved that Virgin coconut oil is excellent skin moisturizer and softener. It is also Best raw material for soap and shampoo. So when ever you have to choose between two soap brand, check whether it is made from coconut oil?. It can cure various skin problem like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, skin infections, wrinkling, etc.

For medicinal purpose:- Coconut oil is also proved to be helpful to Liver, Kidney, Bladder, Bones, Teeth, infection, immunity and even in HIV and Cancer. Its Antioxidant properties can help you to stay younger and healthy.By Effective uses coconut oil helps to controlled and balanced disorders like kidney stones, diabetes, Blood sugar. Its also has potential to absorb Vitamin, minerals & amino acid which are basic material for development of bones & teeth and body mass.

We have illustrated coconut oil is healthy & good for health helps to eradicate many diseases.All information is collected for various sources. Consult your Doctor before using it for any particular problem.

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