How to Stop Snoring at Night Naturally?


Snoring is one of the common problems in adults but can happen to anyone young or old. Any person can snore while sleeping which have an effect on the sleep of your spouses, roommates and children. There are varieties of products to stop snoring obtainable in the market but the natural way is the best. Learn how to stop snoring naturally at night in this article.

How to Stop Snoring at Night Naturally?

Snoring is known to cause sleep deprivation and as per studies, forty-five percent of men and thirty percent of women snore on a regular basis. The muscles in the back of the throat relax and become “floppy” when we are sleeping. The walls of the throat will vibrate if there is obstacle at anyplace between the tip of the nose and the vocal chords which in turn can cause the sounds of snoring. There are many factors such as lose throat muscles, sinus infections, allergies, etc. which causes the blockage in the passage.

The collected fat inside the wind pipe also causes snoring. Snoring sound may be soft in several cases but in other cases it can be loud and quite unpleasant. Certain structures in the mouth and throat such as the tongue, upper throat, soft palate, uvula, as well as big tonsils and adenoids vibrating against each other cause that irritating sound. Snoring is seen more in men than in women because compared to the women, men have a narrow air passage.


Causes of Snoring

  • Obesity:
    • Obesity is one of the reasons which cause Snoring. Obese people generally snore because of the accumulated fat inside the wind pipe which blocks breathing while the person sleeps causing their airway to collapse a little and a loud snoring noise to be produced.
  • Smoking:
    • Smoking can also cause snoring as it swell up the mucous membranes of the nose and the tissues of the throat. This swelling produces the airway obstacle leading to loud snoring noises.
  • Alcohol:
    • Muscles are more relaxed as compared to normal sleep, if the person drinks alcohol. Throat muscles become loose because of this so they quiver when air passes through the nasal airways.
  • Sleeping position:
    • Gravity pulls the palate, tonsils, and tongue towards the back when we are sleeping as we lie on our backs. This narrows the airway and cause turbulence in airflow, tissue vibration and snoring. Frequently, this causes narrowing of the airway that result in turbulence in airflow, tissue vibration, and snoring.

Other causes

  • Soft palate, part of the palate in the mouth is a soft flap of tissue that hangs down in the back of the mouth. Snoring is caused by the vibration if it is too long or floppy.
  • In children the airway obstruction are often caused by enlarged tonsils due to an infection.
  • The uvula is located at the center and back of the soft palate. If uvula is abnormally long or thick, then it can also contribute to snoring.
  • In case of large back of the tongue or unable to slip backwards, narrowing of the space occurs through which air flows in the pharynx that results in vibrations and snoring.

Natural ways to stop snoring at night

  • Sleep on your side:
    • Sleeping posture can be a reason for snoring so always sleep on your side to get rid of snoring. Sleeping on the side let you to breathe through nose instead of mouth and open the nasal passages.
  • Increase pillow height:
    • Gravity pulls the palate, tonsils, and tongue to the back when we are sleeping which obstructs the air passage. So keep a pillow below your head or increase the height of the pillow in such cases as it helps to give support to the neck.
  • Lower your weight:
    • Snoring is very common in obese people so to get rid of snoring, lose weight and stay healthy. Being obese has been connected to snoring problem because of the collected excess fat inside the wind pipe and if the weight is not controlled it can further take you to complete blockage of the air pipe. To get rid of snoring, you can also join a weight loss program.
  • Practice snoring exercises:
    • Exercises can also help to prevent snoring. Snoring exercises are easy and very effective. Exercises control the movements of the tongue and jaw and regular exercise will ultimately stop the snoring. Breathing exercises help to open contracted passages, improve heart beat and help us to have a better control over our breathing system.
  • Avoid alcohol:
    • Quit drinking or do not drink 2 or 3 hours before bedtime as they easily relax throat muscles and trigger snoring.
  • Sleep with a humidifier:
    • Sinus infection and allergies may cause nasal congestion so use humidifier as the steam decreases the amount of congestion and soothes the throat.
  • Singing:
    • Snoring problems can be cured by singing the favorite tune for 15 minutes daily as singing improves muscle control in the soft palate and throat.
  • Sedatives:
    • Avoid the use of sleeping pills and sedatives as it slow down the central nervous system and relax throat muscles.
  • Play Music:
    • Playing didgeridoo, a wind instrument daily for about 25 minutes helps to strengthen the muscles situated in the upper airway and reduce the snoring problems.
  • Avoid allergens:
    • Nasal congestion infection creates vacuum in the throat and interferes with smooth breathing so if you often experience nasal congestion treat it. Clean your nasal passage before going to bed and also avoid dust and pollution as it causes nasal congestion.
  • Avoid dairy products:
    • Dairy products should be avoided before going to bed as it causes mucus buildup.
  • Quit smoking:
    • Quit smoking to prevent snoring as the smoke contains irritants that constrict your breathing passage.

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