Top Recipe Search Engines based on ingredients


Food lovers surf internet more than others to taste new item. Searching recipes by their names gives only those results that you want but sometime it can be arduous and time-consuming task. It’s a time to improve your cooking skills, because there are list of sites available that allows users to search recipes by their ingredients. Now, you don’t need to visit grocery stores immediate to make delicious item, as you can make something new and different taste items by using those ingredients that you have on hand. Ingredient search engine can increase your cooking skills as well gives a chance to be a good chef. If you really love to make delicious dish for your family, then the list of top recipe search engines based on ingredients that will be helpful to you.

Recipe Search Engines

List of top recipe search engine:

Super cook is placed on top position in the list of ingredient search engine, because it’s a very easy and intuitive search engine. It does not require registration, downloading or installation to search the items. It welcomes users to search items just by entering their ingredients. As soon as you enter the item, it will display a very long list of diverse recipes regarding your ingredients. It shows recipes where you are only missing 1 to 3 ingredients as well it also allows you to prohibit particular ingredients from recipe results. The recipes search result is provided by allrecipes, recipeszaar, Epicurious, FoodGeeks and others. If you have more ingredients, then you can cook more recipes. Herein, you can also save your favorite recipes and ingredients as well create shopping list on the basis of missing ingredients from your recipes that you don’t have in stock at this time.


Have an ingredient that you want to use to make something new and innovative recipes? If so, then recipematcher is perfect for you wherein you just need to enter your ingredients in the search box. It displays all ingredients from all categories in the alphabetical order, thus make searching easy and simple. What’s so great about this site is you can search meals on the basis of those ingredients that you have as well cutting down your shopping trips when money is tight. You are also able to sort out the result by percentage of ingredient, highest rated, most popular, recipe names, newest and photos; this features save your lot of money and time at the grocery store rather than purchasing numerous ingredients you don’t have for recipe you discovered. Category wise searching is also available here that is separated in cuisine, coursers and beverages.

The list of recipe search engine is not finished with just one or two site, but it’s very long….and is one of them that also welcome users to search recipe by ingredients and recipe name. You just need to select right choice to search recipes. Herein, you can search more than 450000 recipes just with ingredients. When you enter your ingredients, it will present list of recipes regarding your search. You can filter this list by adding other available ingredients. There is also other option to sort out result like most popular, relevancy, newest, with photo, time to make, or alphabetically. No need of registration, you can search simply and easily. It also gives recipe ingredients and kitchen ingredients with how to select and store tips. You can search recipes by popular categories. Moreover, top recipes feature makes your searching easier and simpler.

Allrecipes is one of the largest network of online cooks….wherein search engine is situated on topside with ingredients, nutrition, and advanced searching option. You just need to select appropriate choice to search recipes. One of the best point of the site is that you can include and exclude ingredients at the time of searching. You can include or exclude maximum 4 ingredients at the same time. Each recipes of the site are posted by the member of site in three main categories including season, type of course, and ingredients. Other categories included methods (grilling, baking, etc.), occasions, and cooking style.

It welcomes users to share their cooking skills with others by posting their own recipes as well allow them to comment on and make changes in available recipes. It offers more than 40,000 recipes. Each recipes of the site is listed with serving size and ingredients list. You can search recipes by nutrition facts in which it gives recipes with the information like amount per serving of calories, total fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, and protein. You must require registration to post recipes, connect with member, customize recipes, and other features.

Yummly is very simple and intuitive search engine for cooking, recipes and food. The semantic search engine shares more than 500,000 recipes on the web. To make site different from other search engine, it enables users to search recipes by diet, ingredients, price, nutrition, cuisine, meal courses, time, taste, sources, diet and allergy as well learns about users on the basis of their likes and dislikes. Just like an, you can edit and save any recipes with ingredient replacement and make changes on the basis of their preferences. You are also able to import and include your favorite recipes from any other websites and save them in the Yummly recipe box. Its dairy free and nuts free filters are perfect for client who require complex dietetic. We all know that little suggestion makes your work more perfect and herein, you can make your cooking skills more accurate by getting suggestion about the taste. Just like a social networking site, it enables users to share their love for food with friends.

Creation of Kris Brower, Recipepuppy is really good. Let’s try this site with some ingredients and keywords. It displays the results that perfectly match to your search query on top and result that match partially afterwards. You can search only recipes with images. The recipe page is presented with number of serving, directions, ingredients as well nutrition facts. The advanced search engine tool can also make your searching easier by allowing you to search recipes with minimum and maximum number of rating and ingredients. It also displays additional ingredients as hyperlinks with + sign, so you can add it into your ingredients box.

We all are familiar with yahoo service…right? So, we can’t miss yahoo recipes search engines which is also listed in the top recipe search engines based on ingredients. Yahoo search engine is so simple; do not require registration you just need to enter ingredient in search box and get list of related recipes within a blink of eye. Within the list of searching results, it also gives other option in left side bar to filter result like time, rating, diet, meal type, occasion, and source. You can include or exclude ingredients that you want from the list and search only those recipes whose ingredients you have.