Useful Sites to Save Money in Health Care Expenses


Doctor’s visits, co-payments, prescription drugs, premiums – the healthcare cost that you have to spend every year is too high. Several people think how they’ll get the care they require without falling deeper into debt with increasing health care costs and a lingering recession. Luckily, there are different ways to compare and cut medical costs like naming your own price, which can provide you negotiating power with your doctor or hospital and save you Vitamin M (Money). As a savvy consumer, it’s significant to look out for your best interests with a few simple tips and tricks. Health care-focused websites intend to make it easier for patients to examine health care costs by collecting and crunching data that is becoming more broadly obtainable, and thus save Money. Here, go through the list of best selected sites that can help you save money in health care costs.

Useful Sites to Save Money in Health Care Expenses

Best Health Care websites to save money:

1, GoodRx

Good Rx helps find the cheapest prices accessible for your prescription medication needs; as well you can save 20-80% on prescription medications although you have insurance. It compares drug prices across more than 70,000 diverse pharmacies, making sure you don’t pay more than you have to on your next restock. It searches local home-town pharmacies as well as mail-order pharmacies. Besides finding the best prices, GoodRx even finds money saving coupons, and gives extra tips on how to save on your prescription drug. The goal of GoodRx is to present you with alternative pharmacy choices, making certain you get the most convenient, reasonable prescription medication probable. GoodRx works in a very simple way. What you need is just 2 major details – name of the prescription drug you want, and the place you want to find the lowest prices in. Enter these 2 items into the ‘Find The Lowest Price’ box, and you are on your way to get the best prices for that drug.


2, Change Health Care

Change Healthcare helps to choose the best insurance plan and hence save money. Transparency Messenger is the company’s flagship product offering, which introduces what has been absent in healthcare such as the personalized cost and savings detail necessary to make informed, logical healthcare purchase verdicts. Change Healthcare is the company producing actionable savings opportunities customized to the employee, their plan and network; with a range of sophisticated algorithms to import and examine lots of healthcare claims across the full spectrum of care including medical, pharmacy, dental and vision purchases. Last year, Change Healthcare launched Healthcare University – an interactive and innovative approach planned to instruct consumers on the fundamental concepts of healthcare. If your medical and dental bills add up to above 7.5 percent of your income, then several people ignore the tax deduction you can obtain. That’s where comes in, which can help you track and calculate your medical expenditures. If they’re very big, then it creates a report that you can submit right to the IRS.

3, TogetherRXAccess

Catch hold of a special discount card that costs you nothing – The Together Rx Access Card. This card has been specially made to help people who don’t have prescription drug coverage. With this card, you can save on some brand-name prescription drugs, a number of generic drugs, and other prescription products. The card delivers prescription savings at the local pharmacy. The Together RX Access card offers you discount of 15-40% off almost 300 brand name meds in addition to many generics. Many of the nation’s top pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have sponsored this card.


The Medical Billing Advocates of America lists advocates in different states and by specialties on its web site (; however an advocate is listed only if he/she has completed and paid for courses sponsored by the organization. It can be said that Medical Billing Advocates of America is helping hand in healthcare for all your medical bills. MBAA help business, consumers, physician and attorneys in medical billing issues. Experts presume that 80% of hospital bills have errors, generally in the support of hospital. A medical billing advocate is a person who pores over your bills finding for mistakes and overcharges. You have to pay them a percentage of the savings they notice for you, which can be a big amount. Find an advocate to win back your money by using this site.


Simplee lets you to manage all your health-related expenses online. You can easily keep a neat track of your medical bills. Both your health accounts and your health plans can be connected to Simplee, and then start monitoring the money that you’re spending there. At, you can compare your current plan with those offered by other healthcare companies, and identify when it’s the correct time to make a switch. The company’s blog gives many details about how the healthcare system itself works. Moreover, Simplee provides facility to send direct payments to your medical provider that too in a fast way.

6, Healthcare Blue Book

Do you want to find fair prices for healthcare services in your area? If so, then Healthcare Blue Book lets consumers to look up the fair market cash price for lots of diagnostic tests, medical process, medications and other services. This free guide (Healthcare Blue Book) shows fair prices for healthcare services, hence you don’t end up overpaying also when using quality healthcare providers. The Healthcare Blue Book helps you to save a ton in medical and dental fees, plus make you a more knowledgeable consumer. Next time whenever you want to find fair prices for physician services near you, remember to visit

7, Hill-Burton Hospitals

The Hospital Survey and Construction Act (or the Hill-Burton Act) is program in which a federal government gives money for some hospitals to provide free or low cost health care services. This is a very significant program that can aid people who can’t afford to pay for their health care bills and services. The Hill-Burton Act authorizes support to public and other nonprofit medical facilities including special hospitals, acute care general hospitals, public health centers, nursing homes, and rehabilitation connects you to hospitals near you that have free Hill-Burton coverage.


If you don’t have prescription drug coverage and you want savings card for your next prescription drug purchase, then is here to help you. The PPA or Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a program that helps patients who are eligible for programs and who don’t have prescription drug coverage, obtain the medications and medicines they require. The PPA never takes any charge for this service and most patients get their medications for FREE or at a hugely discounted price. Many pharmaceutical industries offer a clearinghouse service for its members, and this site connects you with the maker of your drug to see if you qualify.


If you want to find affordable dental plans and apply for dental insurance online, then simply head over to Just as its name suggests, it is a dental plan provider that give several dental insurance plans. You can even browse for business dental plans as well as family dental plans. It has 100,000+ participating dentists. Furthermore, you can compare dental plans and also find dental professionals online, with a single click only. They’ve made it pretty easy to check all of the plans offered to you, all laid out with their features listed, and what they cover and don’t cover, plus an assessment of how much you could save for various procedures.

10, serves as a one-stop destination for everything you want to know about your healthcare. At first look, the site seems easy to use and asks you to answer some questions like where you live, about your health, employment status, etc. and then delivers customized insurance details that are definite to that individual. As well, it gives you information on how to live a healthy lifestyle, the new law and its implications, comparative quality, etc. When major parts of the health care law take effect in 2014, you will get an innovative way to get health insurance, i.e. the Health Insurance Marketplace, which is planned to help you find health insurance that fits your budget, with less hassle.