Best Christmas Educational Gifts for Lifelong Learner


Want to give educational gifts to your relative or friends on Christmas….then checkout here the most recommended Christmas educational gifts for Lifelong Learner.

First 20 years of your life is the great time of learning. In which, you spend your lots of time in the classrooms to get new knowledge. After graduating, you feel like the education phase of life is done; but friends… Education does not stop with the phase of learning. Also, you learn a lot of things while growing that you weren’t learned in your education phase. At present, many parents want to be a lifelong learner of their children but it is not possible all time. For young students, you may have grabbed the gift of homework; but when they grow up, it becomes more difficult to argue with the best gift all – the gift of learning. In this digital era, you don’t need to worry about it because there are numerous educational gift ideas available in the market that can be a lifelong learner of your life. Holiday season is a good time to give an educational gift to anyone for lifelong learning. Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a good time to express your support, and of course love through gifts. Further, educational gifts can be lifetime partner of your loved ones. Here, we explained best Christmas educational gifts that will definitely become a lifelong learner of your child, your best one, your relatives or friends.

Students happy with Christmas gift


We have considered the tablet as the first, best educational gift because nowadays you can get your degree online at your own pace. It is one of the best ways to get education online. There are numerous website that offers online courses and materials. By giving a gift of tablet to your child, you can help and improve your child’s learning. With internet connected tablet, your child can solve their problems regarding study and improve their worldwide knowledge just with the click of mouse.


If you are tired of anxiously scribbling notes during lectures and presentations, then tablet PC is good option because it comes with audio facility by which you can record Lectures and Presentations. One can view notes recorded in the audio format from anywhere and anytime. The appearance of the tablet is the most suitable for college students. It is a thin and lightweight, so you can easily carry with you. Due to the longer battery life, you can work on it for a long time without worrying about charger. There are numerous choices for tablet PC, but you can consider Google Nexus 7($299) or the 7.9 inch iPad Mini($329) or 9.7 inch iPad Air for Christmas gift.

The Stylus:

The second best thing for Christmas gift is “The Stylus”. If you want to give a gift to those people, who has everything – especially tablets then nothing is better than ‘The Stylus’. It becomes little difficult to do some complex tasks like drawing and composing on touch screen but with Stylus Pens, it becomes easier and faster. It makes it easier for you to scroll, drag, sort or draw while working on handset. It is available in different type of shapes, colors and sizes; you can choose anyone because all are very effective. Using this pen, your best one can do several things like writing, and using different features of your handset. As well, they can play games without any fear of damaging their handset’s touch screen. You can purchase either JustMobile AluPen($18.95) or Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Stylus($30), both are really good and give amazing experience.

Gift Cards – iTunes, Google Play, & Amazon:

iTunes, Google play and Amazon are loaded with number of education applications, from which some are free and some are paid, you can give a Redeemable Amazon and Google play Gift Cards of this play store to your child for purchasing educational application from this store. If you are users of android device, then you can purchase reading trainer, color & Draw for kids, offline Hindi or English dictionary, English grammar, current affairs, etc.

Wolfram Alpha Gift Subscription:

If the Person, whom you want to give a gift on Christmas, likes facts and figures; then Wolfram Alpha pro is an ideal gift for them. Using Wolfram|Alpha Pro, he/she can compute with his/her own data. They have to just input numeric or tabular data in to their browser, after that subscription will mechanically analyze it – by easily managing not only pure numbers, but also dates, places, strings, and more. Using this, they can immediately access to new, more personal, computational knowledge. For giving a gift, you should purchase its Wolfram Alpha Pro Subscription gift ($49.50 /year) as it provides interesting possibilities for a learner. It’s a richer and more dynamic tool just like the Problem Generator, allowing for deeper learning.

Udemy Gift Cards:

When we are talking about best educational gifts, we can’t forget Udemy Gift Cards, by which one can purchase entire course as a gift for someone. One can use this virtual or real gift cards to buy courses on Udemy, world’s largest destination for online courses. It is the best online platform to start learning a new skill today from the world’s top instructors. They can learn real skills from real experts. By giving a gift of Udemy gift cards to your best ones, you can give a chance to them learn engine course from the experts on Each udemy course is displayed with a little “gift” icon, just by clicking on it you can send a specific course to your desired recipient.

The Gift of Languages:

Still, learning a new language is always worth because it allows users to communicate more freely with other people. It is usually on top of several bucket lists. Christmas is a great time to make someone happy by giving a gift of language. It not only helps them to learn a new language but also broaden their travel horizons. Learning a new language is become so easier now with several online sources. You can learn language either free or paying money. But with paid version, you can learn lot than free version, so give a gift of new language to your best one on this Christmas. Babbel and LiveMocha is a really good learning tool where anyone can learn a new language with the full complement of tools available on the site. You can purchase monthly and annual subscription for your best one on this Christmas to learn them a new language.

Personalized Bookmarks:

No learner or Book lover will say no for Bookmark. Generally, people use pen, or fold paper of book to remember the last point of reading. Handcrafted or manufactured, vintage or modern bookmark is really good gift for those, who love to reading books. is a really good place where you can search and purchase unique and personalized gifts. From this platform, you can purchase FatCatLeather ($14) handmade bookmark with the Celtic touch.

Notes on evernote:

All people who are studying or learning a new course always want to keep their notes in safe. And also, Evernote is really good web service, which is available in both free and paid version. It is really good product that assists you remember and act upon ideas, projects and experience across all the computers, phones and tablets you utilize. You can give a gift of Evernote Premium 1-Year Gift Subscription ($45) to your best one for remembering everything. With premium service, one can access their notes rapidly whenever they require them on their mobile device. Further share their notes with other users of evernote. They can keep more notes, more photos, more files….everything.

Starbucks Card:

Many people like to read book in library & coffee shop. Starbucks card is really good gift for them. They can use this card at any stores of Starbucks to purchase anything from coffee to pastries or tumblers. It’s a really good way to refresh them with coffee cup during reading. You can purchase $15 to $100 Starbucks card. The card is valid for one year, so it is perfect for Christmas gift.

Chalkboard Mug Write Your Own Message:

Chalkboard Mug, chalkboard paint, chalk mug, DIY chalkboard cup are a perfect gift for teacher. You can write sweet little notes on it to express your feelings. It’s a really fun way to learn kids. There are different types of chalkboard mug available in the market, so you can choose anyone. You can make chalkboard mug at home too. You should consider Black & Decker single-serve coffee maker ($16.20) for a Christmas gift because it comes with a travel mug.