Card Games for Two People (2 Players) to Play


Card games have been around for centuries now and have been a modest as well as inexpensive source of entertainment for people of all ages. With many permutations and combinations of game play rules a plethora of card games have been developed throughout the ages that have been highly popularized and appreciated means of passing time. Even in this hugely evolved age of digital and electronic media, although there seems to be countless number of ways to entertain oneself, card games never goes out of fashion for those fun nights with friends or family gathered together under the same roof.

Card games for two people

Even when it comes to indoor games for a group of people there are a lot of games that one can think of but when it comes to games for just two people the choices are limited. This is not the case with card games though. Card games have a variety of games that can be played by just two people. So be it siblings in the same house or a couple of spouses who are bored with their regular chores or watching TV these games are designed for them to have a good time with each other. Following are a list of a few such games that are meant for two people:



A good classic game of rummy is perfect to be played with minimum two players. The game is so interesting that it keeps you hooked and wanting for more. It is a game of drawing cards and making a set of a series of four cards in the ascending order and three sets of cards with the same number. Whoever gets to the target first is the winner. It depends on luck but it also depends on one’s decisiveness since you have to decide which card to keep and which card to give up. Also there are many types of rummy’s that help add variety to your gaming experience.


This is a game for kids but it is enjoyed by grownups nonetheless. It is a game where the cards are divided into two equal parts and given to each of the two players. You have to proclaim that you place one or more cards of a certain number facing its back to the other player on the desk. The cards that you have declared to be of a certain number need not necessarily be so because in the following rounds you need to continue placing cards with the same number you declared first. So basically the game is about who finishes off their deck first. In order to do this you bluff. The challenge is that your opponent finds out that you are bluffing and you are subsequently penalized for the same by having to take all the cards on the desk back to yourself. If the opponent’s judgment is wrong he/she gets to be the one to collect all the cards lying on the desk. Thus this reduces your chance of winning and increases your opponent’s instead.
Crazy eights:

This is a fun game suitable for all ages. Each player follows his previously played card with another card of the same suit or same number. 8 is the wild card that can change the play to any suit that is chosen by the player. There are a pile of cards left in the middle where the first player tries to match a card that is lying facing up in the pile with one of the cards that he possesses. If he is not lucky enough to have a matching card his penalty is to draw a card. The objective of the game is to use up all the cards in one’s hand as soon as possible. If there is any card left with the player at the end of the game the value of the card becomes the score against them.