Bike to work week 2010 in UK


Since 1956, National Bike Month is celebrated in the month of May every year. To encourage commuters to try biking to work instead of driving, the League of American Bicyclists is promoting the third week of the month as “Bike to Work Week”. Over thousand local cyclists joined a half million nationwide as they enjoyed a scenic ride to work Friday, on National Bike to Work Day.

Cycling is a great way to remain fit. You can stimulate the circulation, relieve stress, and establish a positive attitude toward by riding a bicycle. To fast-track your cycle fitness, cycling up an incline is a fabulous way, so choose routes that will challenge you – according to how much you would like to focus on fitness. You will feel the effect on your heart rate, if you take it up a gear and pedal with increased force.

Bike to work week 2010 in UK

Cycling is a great way to avoid traffic and a fun way to get around. For example, bicyclists tend to be less affected by traffic congestion and “road rage.” Because of this, bicycle commuters are often happier and more productive workers and get sick less often. On the environment, Cycling is also far less stressful than driving and also good for health. To squeeze exercise into an already busy day, Commuting time is an excellent way and can burn calories between 300 and 400 for the average man or woman.

Cycling is a quick and easy way to travel to work. But it is not possible for us to ride bicycle to the office, so National Bike Month celebrates two-wheeling as an alternative to motorized vehicles. A regular exercise routine is given by Cycling, while getting you where you want to go. Cycling can take 10 years off your ‘fitness age’ due to the growth of a stronger heart and lungs, increased muscle mass, and a less stressed constitution.


Team Green Britain Bike Week 2010

Through, Team Green Britain provides information about Team Green Britain Bike Week 2010, organized between 19th and 27th June, 2010. To promote cycling, Team Green Britain Bike Week is celebrated which represents the social, health and environmental benefits of cycling. It shows how cycling can easily be part of everyday life. Team Green Britain Bike Week aims to make ‘everyday cycling for everyone’ in 2010. They motivates people to try out cycling for fun, and as a means of getting around to the local shops, to school, the library or just to visit friends.

Bike to work week 2010 in UK

Some great incentive rewards are provided by Team Green Britain Bike Week to the organizers who encourage their participants to sign up to Team Green Britain. For Event Organizer registration, you have to fill up register form in which you have to fill your necessary details like user ID and password, name, address, phone number, your organization name with address details, etc. then click on ‘Proceed to Event Registration’ button. If you are interested in taking part in Cycling then select any one of event which is near to you. Complete the details which are given below to refine your search further.

By Cycling Calculator, you can calculate how much money you are saving by riding bicycle by entering amount of miles you cycle and press ‘Calculate’ button. You can also calculate Calories with the help of Calories Calculator, by putting information like Input weights, your weight, your bike’s weight, and your average speed. It also offers Travel Calculator, if you want to use this calculator, enable macros and add your mileage into cell C4 (yellow cell) and press enter, your result will be displayed in each cell.

Team Green Britain Bike Week Events:

  1. Bike to work
  2. Cycle skills training
  3. Adult beginner – easy ride, out on the back-roads
  4. Parent and children ride – family routes for the future
  5. Longer road ride – clocking up the miles
  6. Traffic-free ride – clean air for all
  7. Off-road ride – roughing it in the woods
  8. Picnic/barbecue – bicycle clips and cucumber sandwiches
  9. Free cycle safety check – visiting Dr Bike
  10. Cycle fair – two-wheeled show and tell
  11. Free advice on cycling – bicycle consultation

Benefits of Cycling to you:

  • Stress relief – physical activity can reduce stress levels and improve productivity.
  • Help the environment – once the manufacturing process is complete bicycles have a very small negative impact on the environment, by cycling you reduce the number of cars on the road improving the environment for all, including reducing harmful emissions, and improving road safety.
  • Improved levels of fitness – research shows that currently 7 out of 10 men and 8 out of 10 women do not do enough physical activity to maintain a basic level of health and fitness.
  • Save Money – Once the initial outlay of buying a bike and the associated safety equipment/clothing has been made there are few ongoing costs to cycling. If you use your bike for making business journeys ask your employer to consider paying subsistence cost that would cover maintenance such as replacement of tyres. After all you could be saving your employer larger fuel expenses.
  • Could save precious time – half an hour cycling to work every day may take longer than using the car but your won’t have to spend hours slogging at the gym to keep fit.

Benefits of Cycling to employer:

  • Good environmental image for the company – being proactive in providing a range of transport opportunities for employees show that the organization has a forward thinking and environmentally sound culture.
  • Free up valuable car parking space.
  • Reduce transportation costs. Staffs that use their bike to travel to work may, if suitable, use their bike to carry out work duties.
  • Contribute towards the implementation of environmental management systems and gain recognised accreditation e.g. EMAS or ISO1400.
  • It can reduce staff stress levels and absenteeism.
  • Reduction of peak time congestion
  • Provide a fairer employment package that benefits all staff not only car users, this may help in recruitment and retention of staff in a competitive market.
  • A healthier and more alert workforce

Other planned events:

On Sunday 23rd May, 2010 the Washington region organized “Bike DC” which was a signature spring bicycling event. Pueblo will be observing Colorado Bike to work day on Friday June 23. Chicago will celebrate Bike to Work Week from June 12-18. Even the City of Naperville and Naperville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) will organize aperville Bike Day and Bike to Metra on June14. ‘League of American Bicyclists’ will celebrate its 130th League National Rally between June 3-6, and will be riding “through the colorful and historic New Mexican terrain.”

In Los Angeles, activities like the Blessing of the Bicycles tomorrow at the Good Samaritan Hospital, a bike ride in downtown on Wednesday morning, the annual Bike to Work Day on Thursday and Bike to School Day on Friday are included this week. To register for its 13th annual Bike to Work Day, Baltimore is expecting over 1,000 people on Friday. In this Boston suburb, “Bike commuting is a way of life,” which hosts a series of events including a film festival dedicated to two-wheeled travel.

Videos, showing benefits of Cycling from YouTube:

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