Happy Kissing Friday 2009


Kissing Friday is on 27th February, 2009


What is Kissing Friday?

There are lots of strange and funny holidays around the world. Kissing Friday is one of them from Britain. In 1940 it was started as a grand old British custom that on the Friday after Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, boys were allowed to kiss girls without fear of punishment or rejection.


if the girl does not allow the boy to kiss her, then he is allowed to pinch her behind. So wait, does this mean a boy can kiss any girl regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not?

No, A boy must challenge others to kiss a particular girl. There is one incident when a school teacher arrived in country school in Britain. She was taking a dance class of 13 year old boys and girls in country dancing, she saw the leading boy suddenly lean across and kiss his partner, who showed no sign of embarrassment.
When she asked them about kiss, the boy said, ‘It’s all right, Miss. You see, it’s Kissing Friday’

Its all about old tradition. Don’t try out it now. You may be punished or not, Most of boys are thinking of brining such tradition back now.

  • Anindya

    Cool stuff, hope we live in a world full of fun and enjoyment and all humans are equally good and responsive………..lol